Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade 2023, will now be transferred

Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade

Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade

Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade –

In Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade, continuous demands are being raised regarding the transfer of teachers. Let us tell you that for a long time, teachers are continuously active on social media and are continuously demanding that transfers should be done, tell them about the transfer, Rajasthan government Transfer policy is going to be made, after the transfer policy is made, transfers will be opened and application forms will be taken. Yesterday itself a meeting was held regarding transfer.

A big decision has come out in the meeting, you will be given complete information about the transfer of teachers here, let us tell you that for the last 2 years, teachers have been demanding for transfer, but the government has so far issued an order to open the transfer. To say that we will make a policy, transfers can be opened only after the transfer policy is made, before that transfers can be opened, you are being provided complete information about it here.

Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade demand letter given –

The Rajasthan Teachers and Panchayati State Employees Association has handed over a demand letter of 10-point demands to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to Rajasthan Education Minister Mr. Bulaki Das Kalla and he says that the transfers should be opened soon by the teachers regarding this demand. The media is trending on Twitter and Facebook, all teachers say that transfers should be opened and those who will be selected from the reet recruitment that is happening now.

They should be transferred in advance so that new teachers can be joined and appointed where there are more posts. Continuous demands are being raised regarding this. Let us tell you that a memorandum of 10-point demands has been handed over to open the transfer of teachers. It has been said that the decision will be taken soon, the government says that the transfer policy will be made and after that transfers can be opened.

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Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade

Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade News –

A memorandum has been submitted by the Rajasthan Teachers and State Employees Union regarding 10-point demands, along with that let us tell you that some things have been included in the demand letter sent by the state president of the union Sher Singh Chauhan and provincial general secretary Rajesh Sharma to the government, they say It is that we are continuously sending demand letters to the government and on May 17 also we have protested and protested at the Martyr’s Memorial in Jaipur and our demand is continuous.

That the transfer should be opened and soon 48000 teachers will be appointed from the third grade teacher recruitment, before that the transfer should be opened and the old teachers should be transferred. Apart from the transfer of teachers, there are other problems which have to be resolved in the demand letter. The demand has been expressed and they say that the demand should be resolved soon and transfers should be opened soon.

Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade Update –

Sher Singh Chauhan, President of Rajasthan Pradesh Teachers Union and State Employees Union and Provincial General Secretary Mr. Rajesh Sharma say that the disease which has been banned on transfer should be removed and other demands have been sought in the demand letter.

It should be completed soon, the government should take a decision about it so that we don’t have to protest any more, otherwise there will be another movement and the government will have to accept the demands in the movement, because the government is going to have the upcoming elections and seeing that, the government has to accept the demand. Must be told that the Speaker has given a big statement regarding non-acceptance of the demands of the government.

According to State President Sher Singh Chauhan, the Sangh requested the CM and the Education Minister to amend the existing service rules for the post of Deputy Principal and implement the provision of direct recruitment on 50 percent posts to provide opportunities to the young and talented teachers of the department to move forward. Selected between the years 2008 to 2010 in the schools of

Removing the long-standing discrepancy in the basic pay of teachers and supervisors, revising the pay of the personnel who completed the probation period before July 1, 2013, from Rs 12,900 instead of Rs 11,170, merging primary and secondary education into a single department New appointment of third grade teachers selected from Reet should be made.

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Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade

Rajasthan Teachers Transfer 3rd Grade FAQs –

When will the transfer of Rajasthan teachers open in 2023?

Teachers transfers will open soon in July 2023 only.

When will teacher transfer news 2023 come?

Its news has come.

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