School Closed News 2023, school closure orders once again

School Closed News 2023

School Closed News 2023

School Closed News 2023 Update –

School Closed News 2023 Friends, as you all have heard, the information about the closure of school and college again is absolutely correct, its orders and notifications have been issued, in today’s article you will be told that as we all know school after summer vacation

And the college has started regular classes again from 1st July 2023, the schools have opened but recently by issuing orders by the government, these schools and colleges have been ordered to be closed from 8th July to 16th July. Which states and which districts will be applicable and the complete information about this country is being given below in this article.

School Closed News 2023 ordered in UP –

Hello friends, welcome to our website, as you all know, on our website, all the small and big news related to the student and school college are brought first, inside this article today, you will be informed about the closure of the school college in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Order information will be given.

You people will be told why it has been closed and for how long the schools and colleges will be closed. You can tell people that for more information and videos, you can join our social media groups like YouTube channel, Telegram channel and WhatsApp group. Must join.

Always friends, as you all will know that everyone from teacher to student becomes happy after hearing the name of the holiday, it is more of a holiday that there is such a word that hearing from employee to officer, from student to teacher and at work in the office Everyone from daily wage laborers to those who go decorates, in order of this, today you are being informed about the order to close schools and colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

School Closed News 2023 due to Kavad Yatra –

Where friends, you people are sleeping absolutely right, as you all will know that as soon as the month of Sawan starts, Kavad Yatra starts inside Uttar Pradesh and thousands of lakhs of Kavad devotees come out to travel, due to which students and In view of the difficulties faced by Kavad passengers, the government of Uttar Pradesh

By implementing the DIOS rule, it has been ordered to close the schools and colleges in the entire district from July 8 to July 16, along with it has also been told that if any school-college does not follow it, strict action will be taken against it. Friends, this rule will be fully applicable to all the schools of the state government as well as private schools.

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School Closed News 2023

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