Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023, Government will give ₹ 1 lakh for 1 video

Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023

Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023

Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023 –

Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023 The biggest news is coming out about the scheme recently launched by the Rajasthan government, let us tell you that the Rajasthan government has recently started a scheme in which only you have to make a video and upload it on social media. Have to do and you can earn lakhs of rupees, let us tell you that this scheme has been started by the Government of Rajasthan.

Recently the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gehlot uploaded on Twitter, he has given complete information about it, let us tell you that to see its complete information and video, you can watch the video by clicking on the link given below, you can see its complete information in this post By seeing the post till the last, you will understand all the information and if you do not understand other information, then you can ask in the comment.

Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023 News –

To participate in Rajasthan Jan Samman Yojana, you do not have to do anything, just make a video and upload it on your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Aandhi social media. Complete information is being made available to you in this post.

What to do for Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023 –

√ To participate in this scheme, first of all you have to choose one scheme or more than one scheme from all the schemes started in Rajasthan, whose information you want to give.

√ First you see that information very carefully and understand it completely because you have to explain the whole information back in the video.

√ After understanding the complete information, let us tell you that you have to make a video of 30 seconds to 120 seconds about that plan.

√ If that video becomes then after that you have to share the video on your social media group like telegram whatsapp facebook man.

√ If the video is shared, your video will also be seen by the government, what you have to do is to visit the official website of Rajasthan Jan Samman Yojana 2030 and paste the video link there.

Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023 Reward –

In this post, you are being given complete information about what reward will be given in the Rajasthan Jan Samman Yojana run by the Government of Rajasthan and who will get this reward, see the points given below carefully –

√ Whoever uploads the video, if his video comes on one number, then he will get the first prize of ₹ 100000

√ In this scheme, whose video will come on the second number, he will be given a reward of ₹ 50000.

√ Whose video will come on the third number, he will be given ₹ 25,000 as a reward, in this way 3 people will be rewarded.

√ Apart from these prizes, 100 Prerna Puraskars worth Rs. 1000 thousand will also be given daily.

Screening will be done in Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023 –

Let us tell you that under this scheme, these videos will be screened daily by the Rajasthan government and the reward will be announced during its sleep.

Every video submitted in every contest will be screened and evaluated by a screening committee to select the winners.

The validity of the video should be exactly as per the guidelines given in this contest.

Whatever video is being uploaded by you, the verification of that video, its veracity, its quality will be taken into consideration keeping in mind its validity.

Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023 – Important Links –
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Rajasthan Jansaman Yojana 2023

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