DA Hike Latest News 2023, Dearness Allowance increased from July!

DA Hike Latest News 2023

DA Hike Latest News 2023

DA Hike Latest News 2023 DA of employees increased by 9% –

DA Hike Latest News 2023 Friends, as you all will know that the DA of the employees is increased every 6 months, in the same order, the Central Government has recently issued an order to increase the DA, under which now the DA of the employees Will increase to 9% and it will be promoted.

Will be effective from January 1, 2023 and three months idiot will be given in between. is going to be received and its address will be deposited in the GPS or the case will be received, information about all these is being given to you below.

DA Hike Latest News 2023, 9% for Govt. Employees –

Hello friends, as you all will know that all the small and big information related to the employees of the state and central government is given on our article, today in which article the order of 9% increase in BA in January 2023 will be discussed. Today with the film you have been told that which employees are going to get the benefit of 9% DA.

As you all will know that the DA of the employees increases twice a year, for the first time on January 1 and for the second time on July 1, the DA is increased, due to which the orders are issued after two or three months and for two-three months. Arrears are issued to some employees, while arrears are credited to the GPF account of some employees.

Which employees will get the benefit of increased DA –

Friends, let us tell you that after increasing the DA by 9%, now the DA of the employees was 212% earlier, but now it has increased to da200, 21%. Is the DA of the employees who are paid under the 6th Pay Commission going to be 221%? The benefit of this increased DIA as per the order of Ministry of Finance.

It has been said in the issued order that the dearness allowance of CDA pattern of employees in CPSES has been increased. An order has been issued regarding this and this is the biggest good news for all the employees.

DA Hike Latest News Today Update –

As you know that due to the 6th Pay Commission, the dearness allowance of all the employees has been increased by 9% and in increasing this 9%, you would know that earlier this dearness allowance was available at 212%, which has now been increased to 221%. Thus, 9 percent increase has been given due to which there is a wave of happiness among the employees.

Let us tell you that for shares of 50 paise or more, the payment of dearness allowance can be reduced to the next higher rupee, on the contrary, for shares of 50-paise or less, they can be ignored.

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DA Hike Latest News 2023

DA Hike Latest News 2023 FAQs –

What is the latest order of DA 2023?

Its latest order is that it will be extended from July.

How much dearness allowance will increase in July 2023?

In July 2023, dearness allowance may increase by about 9 percent but it is sure to increase by 4 percent.

When will state employees get DA 2023?

They will start getting DA from July 2023.

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