Reet Document Verification 2023, if this document is not necessary then out

reet document verification 2023

reet document verification 2023

Information for Reet Main Exam DV –

Reet Document Verification 2023 Which documents are necessary at the time of DV in Reet Main Examination and what are the necessary documents and information that is necessary to take care of, for this today’s post is very important, tell all of you that after the release of the result of the examination After DV will be called for Documents Verification.

Those who have less than one document, then that candidate will be excluded from this recruitment, so for the list of all the documents and necessary information, see the list of all the documents given here till the end of this post. Join Telegram Group Click Here Have to prepare and keep with you when you will be called in DV.

Result of Reet Level 2 and 1 released –

As you all know that the result of Rajasthan Third Grade Teacher Recruitment Exam 2023 has been declared, in this the complete result of level one has been declared and the result of all subjects of level 2 has also been declared, now after document verification I will tell you that in level-1 and level-2, almost all the candidates will be called for document verification, the candidates who will not have complete documents.

All those candidates will be excluded from this recruitment, the list of complete documents is being given to you here, according to this list you Join Telegram Group Click Here Keep all the documents ready, it is necessary to have all the documents with you, otherwise you will be excluded from this copy, let us tell you which documents are needed and which documents are necessary, its complete list is given here.

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reet document verification 2023

The problems related to all these documents are necessary –

√√ Problem solving related to document verification in third grade teacher recruitment?

  • Is scout certificate mandatory in dv?
  • It is not mandatory.
  • Is the spelling of the name of mother and father different in the marksheet, some have Mr., some don’t etc.?
  • Will it not be a problem to get Rs 50 written on stamp paper?
  • Is medical and police verification necessary in DV?
  • They are not required in DV, they will be required at the time of joining.
  • From where to get the character certificate of the last institution?
  • If you have done graduation regularly and have entered the details of graduation in the application form, then you will have to get the character proof of the last institution from the same college from which you did your graduation, if your graduation is from a non-college?
  • Character certificate of BSTC college will have to be made.
  • In whose name will the income certificate be made?
  • in the name of the father. Click Join Telegram Group
  • My Aadhaar card does not have complete DOB, what should I do?
  • download again
  • I do not have a degree, what should I do?
  • bring provisional from college
  • Result date is different in my BSTC mark sheet and diploma what to do?
  • Go to Bikaner with the forwarding letter of the college, it will be fixed in half an hour.
  • Those who have done BA+BSTC. Will Bo be eligible for REET L2? And will they get joining?
  • Absolutely valid, joining will also be available.
  • 10 Pay attention to everyone, there should be a medical certificate after the joining order, otherwise you will have to get it done again and in some places DM’s sign is also asked for?
  • One more thing, police verification should be of date after DV schedule.
  • Police and medical certificates will not be taken from you at the time of DV, but without these two you will not be able to join.
  • If there is any mistake in any document, the only solution is an affidavit of Rs.50.
  • In whose name will the income certificate of a person who does not have a father be prepared?
  • In the name of mother.
  • I have the OBC certificate form before the last date and the domicile is also earlier but after the exam I got both obc and domicile new, so which one should I take in the DV?
  • Old uploading on site but taking both new and old in DV?
  • The date in the CC of the college does not matter whether it is done after the exam or before the exam.

✅ Income certificate of a married woman will be issued in the name of her husband.

  • The rule says that the original residence of a married woman should be issued in the name of her husband, only the caste certificate will be in the name of the father.
  • How many pages will the income certificate be made 1 or 4?
  • Will be made of 4 pages.
  • In whose name will the income certificate be made after the death of the husband?
  • Will be made in his own name. Join Telegram Group Click Here
  • There is no space in my name and father’s name, what to do?
  • there will be no problem
  • Sir my reet and 3rd grade ews form is filled while i don’t have ews certificate or ever what to do?
  • If you are selected from general then there is no problem but give an affidavit that ews has been filled by mistake!
    There will be no trouble.
Which documents are necessary at the time of Reet DV –

original application form

10th mark sheet

12th mark sheet

Certificate of date of admission in BSTC

BSTC mark sheet (both years)

bstc certificate

BSTC character certificate

REET certificate 2021

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caste certificate

original address proof

scout guide certificate

Affidavit of evidence of being unmarried/married (certificate of being married)

Declaration (in the prescribed format)

Affidavit (in prescribed format)

copy of bank diary

Police Verification Certificate (after appointment)

Health Certificate (after appointment)

Character certificate of B.Ed

Marksheet of B.Ed (both years)

B.Ed certificate

Certificate of date of admission in B.Ed

REET certificate 2021.

Whatever is listed above and all those who have been given the solution to the problem of the comment, you all have to take full care of it, if you solve the problem of even one document in it, then you will be thrown out at the time of document verification, so all the documents Prepare in advance and get two photo copies of the entire list and people’s comments done so that you do not face any further problems and share this post with as many friends as possible.

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reet document verification 2023

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