Old Pension Scheme 2023 applicable see full news

Old Pension Scheme 2023

Old Pension Scheme 2023

Supreme Court restores Old Pension Scheme 2023, now central employees will get benefit –

Old Pension Scheme 2023 Friends, as you all will know that till date all the employees from the center are making different strategies to restore the old pension and apart from this they have come on the streets and many teachers organizations and government employees Organizations are demanding old pension.

You people will know that the rule of partial pension has been made under the NPS scheme only under the New Pension Scheme for the employees engaged after 2004, the result of which is now coming as the employees after 2004 are retiring. They get only nominal pension, due to which there is a lot of anger among the employees because when the new pension scheme system was brought by closing the old pension.

big dreams to the employees then Join Telegram Group Click Here They were shown, they were told that on retirement they will get crores of rupees under the new pension scheme but now their result has come, they are getting only pension from ₹ 1500 to ₹ 2000, then there is anger among the employees and they are demanding old pension. Regarding which the Supreme Court has recently decided that the benefit of old pension will be given to the central employees of 2004.

Old Pension Scheme Fir Se Song –

Friends are always welcome on our website, as you know, everything big and small of the central and state government is first made available on our website, for this you joined our group, today a petitioner is engaged in the employee. Employees have been ordered to be reinstated.

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Old Pension Scheme 2023

How much will be applicable in Old Pension Scheme 2023 –

First of all, friends, let us tell you that in 2004, the Atal Bihari Vajpayee BJP government closed the old pension scheme and replaced it with the NPS i.e. New Pension Scheme, under which the employees will not get any guarantee of pension, only partial pension will be given to the employees. By deducting a figure of 10% from the allowances, it will be put in NPS and under that his money is on his retirement.

Will be invested in mutual funds and both their profit and loss will be of the employee, on this basis the result of the employees has started coming, 2400 meters Join Telegram Group Click Here They are angry with the employees only for a nominal amount of ₹ 2000 and they should return it to you.

They have recently been returned by 8 states of the country, but the central government is not ready to accept Abhishek, let us tell you that on which employees the decision of the Supreme Court will be applicable and for whom it has been decided. is going down.

Old Pension Scheme 2023 will be given to –

Recently, in the Supreme Court, on December 12, 2003, the employees who applied for a recruitment had claimed that they should also get the benefit of old pension, then the Supreme Court, giving a verdict in their favor, ordered the Central Government to do so Those who applied on 12 December 2003 were appointed on 30 August 2004.

They should also be given the benefit of old pension because for the employees appointed in 2004 and after that, the employees who were appointed on 21 August 2004 and their recruitment came in 2003 and applied in 2003 but their appointment was done on 30 August 2004 The Supreme Court has ordered the Central Government to give the benefit of the old pension scheme to such employees.

Coming together, you are also suffering from the new pension scheme and want to implement the old pension scheme, then write us as soon as possible in the comment box, we are connected to our social media and comment as much as possible and share the post so that our talk reaches the government. Reached and central employees should also be given the benefit of old pension scheme in time.

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Old Pension Scheme 2023

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