IAS Interview GK 10 June Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK 10 June
IAS Interview GK 10 June

IAS Interview GK Quiz –

IAS Interview GK 10 June Be it a big exam or a small exam, you are definitely asked questions on current affairs in any exam. Let us tell you that on our website you get 10 or 15 questions of current affairs daily, which questions you will find in your It will be very helpful in the upcoming examination because the questions are uploaded on our website.

That is the questions asked in the back exam from where you can get help in any good exam so daily you have been visiting our website daily morning 7:00 you will get current affairs questions on our website around 10 or 15 questions are uploaded daily, so keep visiting daily and keep reading good topics daily.

IAS Interview GK 10 June –

  1. When was World Ocean Day celebrated recently?

Ans. June 8 |

  1. Who will host the BIMSTEC Expo and Conclave recently?

Ans. Kolkata |

  1. Recently which country will host the largest air exercise of NATO’s Achatak in Europe?

Ans. Germany |

  1. Which state government has recently launched the Nand Milk Mission scheme?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh |

  1. Recently who has been appointed as the new Director General of Geological Survey of India?

Ans. Janardan Prasad |

  1. Geetanjali Iyer passed away recently, who was she?

Ans. Anchor | Join Telegram Group Click Here

7.Where was the successful test of Agni prime ballistic missile by DRDO recently –

Ans. Odisha |

  1. Which country has recently become the second largest producer of crude steel?

Ans. India |

  1. Recently which country has planned to ban Swastik and other Nazi symbols?

Ans. Australia |

  1. Where has the eighth meeting of the Standing Committee of ISA been held recently?

Ans. New Delhi |

  1. Recently Rajiv Sinha has been appointed as the Election Commissioner of which state?

Ans. West Bengal |

  1. Recently Upendra Singh Rawat has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to –

Ans. Uganda |

  1. Who has topped the recently released Food Security Index?

Ans. Kerala | Join Telegram Group Click Here

  1. Recently who has got the book of India’s most valuable brand –

Ans. Tata Group |

  1. Recently which country’s government has introduced digital birth certificate?

Ans. Israel |

  1. What are the things of a girl which become smaller after washing?

Ans – peak.

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IAS Interview GK 10 June

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