IAS Interview GK 9 June Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK 9 June
IAS Interview GK 9 June

IAS Interview GK Quiz –

IAS Interview GK 9 June Be it a big exam or a small exam, you are definitely asked questions of current affairs in any exam, let us tell you that on our website you get 10 or 15 questions of current affairs every day, which questions you get according to your It will be very helpful in the upcoming examination because the questions are uploaded on our website.

That is the questions asked in the back exam from where you can get help in any good exam so daily you have been visiting our website daily morning 7:00 you will get current affairs questions on our website around 10 or 15 questions are uploaded daily, so keep visiting daily and keep reading good topics daily.

IAS Interview GK 9 June –

  1. When was World Food Day celebrated recently?

Ans. June 7 |

  1. Who among the top 10 most polluted cities in the world has recently been released by IQ Air?

Ans. Lahore |

  1. Which country has recently recorded its best mental posture status in a decade?

Ans. Bangladesh |

  1. Recently NHPC has tied up with which government for setting up five hydroelectric projects?

Ans. Maharashtra |

  1. Who was recently appointed as the MD of CIDCO?

Ans. Anil Dimpikar |

  1. Recently Samgaon Dock has tied up with which country for the construction of diesel submarines?

Ans. Germany | Join Telegram Group Click Here

  1. Who has recently launched his new novel Ajay to Yogi Adityanath –

Ans. Shantanu Gupta |

  1. Which state has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about waste collection?

Ans. Haryana |

  1. Recently how many India-Namibia Joint Commission has been co-chaired by –

Ans. S Jaishankar |

  1. Recently India’s first international cruise has left for which country?

Ans. Sri Lanka |

  1. Recently which bank has started the facility of cash withdrawal from UPI on ATMs –

Ans. Bank of Baroda |

Which country has recently set a target of making at least 30% directors of women in major firms by 2030?

Ans. Japan |

  1. Which country has recently tested the first automated flying taxi?

Ans. Israel | Join Telegram Group Click Here

  1. Recently, the World Bank has estimated India’s GDP growth rate for FY24 at what percent?

Ans. 6.3%

  1. Recently, the central government has given permission to how many agricultural credit societies to open Jan Aushadhi stores?

Ans. 2000

  1. Which is such a fruit, keeping it in the fridge becomes the reason?

Ans – The name of that fruit is Papaya.

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IAS Interview GK 9 June

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