IAS Interview GK 2 June Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK 2 June
IAS Interview GK 2 June

IAS Interview GK Quiz –

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IAS Interview GK 2 June –

  1. When was the “World Tobacco Day” celebrated recently?

Ans. May 31 |

  1. Which bank has recently announced its new people –

Ans. Pass Bank |

  1. Recently which country has opened its first IIT?

Ans. Tanzania |

  1. Ved Kumari passed away recently, who was she?

Ans. Sanskrit scholar | Join Telegram Group Click Here

  1. Recently which state’s cabinet has approved the gender inclusive tourism policy?

Ans. Maharashtra |


  1. Who won the title of CAVA Women’s Challenge Cup 2023 recently?

Ans. India |

  1. Who was recently appointed as India’s representative in the International Civil Aviation Organisation?

Ans.Angashumali Rastogi |

  1. Recently in which state the Devi Lok Mahotsav started –

Ans. Madhya Pradesh |

  1. Recently which state government has announced to open drug de-addiction centers in all the districts –

Ans. Telangana |

  1. Who was recently elected the first Indian-origin Lord Mayor of Burmese?

Ans. selection red | Join Telegram Group Click Here

  1. Which country’s military spy satellite launch has failed recently?

Ans. North Korea |

  1. Recently which state government has signed MoU with NIOS to bring drop outs back to school –

Ans. Meghalaya |

13. Recently which country has announced to send man to the moon in 2030 –

Ans.China |

  1. Recently in which country the National Poson Week has started?

Ans. Sri Lanka |

  1. Which airways has recently been named the environmental airline of 2023?

Ans. Etihad Airways |

  1. What is the thing that girls eat as well as wear?

Ans – The correct answer is long which is eaten in spices and also worn.

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