MRI Full Form 30 May Current Affairs

MRI Full Form 30 May
MRI Full Form 30 May

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MRI Full Form 30 May –

  1. Recently Prime Minister Modi has issued a special coin of how many rupees?

Ans. 75

  1. In which country is the Vladivostok port, which was in the news recently?

Ans. Russia |

  1. Recently ICC announced the prize money for the World Test Championship 2021-23 –

Ans. 31.4 crores Rs.

  1. Recently America has signed a defense cooperation agreement with which country?

Ans.Papua New Guinea |

  1. Recently the first Vande Bharat Express train of Uttarakhand has started between which two cities –

Ans. Delhi – Dehradun | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. Recently ‘City of Date’ is in discussion, in which country it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site –

Ans. Egypt |

  1. Recently who has been appointed as ‘MD & CEO’ by Karnataka Bank?

Ans. Srikrishnan Harihar Sarma |

  1. Recently Russia and which country signed the document on the strategic nuclear weapons project –

Ans. Belarus |

  1. Recently, Ministry of Mines will organize ‘Mining Startup Summit’ in collaboration with IIT –

Ans. IIT Mumbai |

  1. Who has chaired the 8th meeting of ‘Governing Counseling of NITI Aayog’ recently?

Ans. Narendra Modi |

  1. Recently the Governor of which state has released a book “Gita-Acharan Ek Abhasi Ka Vishwas” –

Ans. Odisha | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. Recently the central government has signed an agreement with how many states to conduct digital crop survey?

Ans. 6

  1. Which country has recently unveiled a semiconductor strategy to reduce dependence on Asian production?

Ans. UK |

  1. The Sendai Framework, which was in discussion recently, is related to which field?

Ans. disaster risk |

  1. Recently in which state Hamar Sughghar Lika Abhiyan has been started –

Ans. Chhattisgarh |

  1. What is the full form of MRI?

Ans. MRI – Magnatic Resonance Imaging magnetic scanning machine.

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MRI Full Form 30 May

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