IAS Interview GK 29 May Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK 29 May
IAS Interview GK 29 May

UPSC Interview GK Quiz –

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IAS Interview GK 29 May –

  1. Recently which state’s Araku Coffee of GCC has got organic certificate?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh |

2. Where has the 76th World Health Assembly started recently?

Ans. Geneva |

  1. Who has recently taken oath as a member of UPSC?

Ans. Suman Sharma |

4. Recently which country has launched its domestic space launch vehicle KSL-V-II Nari –

Ans. South Korea |

  1. Recently Tina Turner passed away, she was –

Ans. Singer | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. With which country has the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu recently signed an agreement for an automobile plant?

Ans. Japan |

  1. Who was recently appointed as the President of CII for 2023-24 –

Ans. R Dinesh |

  1. Recently, ADB will give a loan of $ 141.12 million for the development of the industrial corridor –

Ans. Andhra Pradesh |

  1. Where will the Mining Startup Summit be held recently?

Ans. Mumbai |

  1. Who has recently addressed the India Defense Conclave 2023 –

Ans. Dr Jitendra Singh |

  1. Recently which state government is promoting manufactured sand as an easy alternative to river sand?

Ans. Rajasthan |

  1. Which champion chess has recently won the 2023 Superweight Rapid and Blitz Polad?

Ans. Megs Carlson | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. Which country will set up a new consulate in Bengaluru recently?

Ans. Australia |

  1. Who has recently joined the Consultative Committee of COP28 –

Ans. Mukesh Ambani |

  1. Recently the researcher said that a new species of tree has been discovered –

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh |

  1. Which disease is cured by eating chingum?

Ans – Mucus

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IAS Interview GK 29 May

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