UPSC Interview GK 23 May Current Affairs

UPSC Interview GK 23 May
UPSC Interview GK 23 May

UPSC Interview GK Quiz –

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UPSC Interview GK 23 May –

  1. When was “International Tea Day” celebrated recently?

Ans. May 21 |

  1. Recently, the Supreme Court of the country has not held liable for the content posted on the website of Twitter and Google.

Ans. United States

  1. Recently the fifth phase of “Sagar Parikrama” started from which city of Maharashtra?

Ans. Raigad |

  1. Recently the ‘Pocket Map of Duty Path’ was unveiled by –

Ans. Narendra Modi |

  1. Where has the 32nd summit of the Arab League been held recently?

Ans. Jeddah |

Recently which country has issued a warning to Afghanistan for violating the ‘Helmand River’ water authorities?

Ans. Iran |

  1. Which traditional sport was recently included in the 37th National Games?

Ans. Gatka |

  1. How many years old handmade paper making art has been revived by KVIC in Tawang recently?

Ans. 1000

  1. Whose book ‘Guts an Amount Bloodbath an Anshuman Gaekwad Narrative’ has been released recently?

Ans. Aditya Bhushan |

  1. Recently NSA has partnered with which technology company for ‘Geospatial Foundation Model’?

Ans. IBM |

11. Recently who inaugurated the Indian Pavilion at the ‘Cous International Film Festival’ in France –

Ans. Dr L Murugan |

  1. Recently how many gold medals have been won by India in South Asian Youth Table Tennis Championship 2023?

Ans. 16

  1. Recently the chairman of Hinduja Group has passed away, what was his name?

Ans. SP Hinduja |

  1. Recently who has become the player to score century in test, t201, ODI and IPL in the same year –

Ans. Shubman Gill |

  1. Recently who has been appointed as the Minister of State in the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare?

Ans. SP Singh Baghel |

  1. How long does the human brain survive after death?

Ans – Up to about 30 minutes.

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