IAS Interview GK 17 May Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK 17 May
IAS Interview GK 17 May

IAS Interview GK Quiz Daily –

IAS Interview GK 17 May As you all know that nowadays questions of current affairs are definitely asked in any exam and only one liner questions are asked in all the exams i.e. multiple choice objective type questions are mostly asked and whether Be it any type of exam, questions of current affairs are definitely asked in it, nowadays in big exams like UPSC exams, some GK unique questions like this are asked.

Which are not in everyone’s mind, let us tell you that on our website you get a post like this every day where you get to see the questions of current affairs as well as some such GK questions which you have tried till date. You must not have heard that these types of questions are asked in big exams nowadays, so keep visiting our website daily, you will get to see these types of questions here.

IAS Interview GK 17 May –

  1. When was “International Family Day” celebrated recently?
    Ans. May 15 |
  2. Who has recently become the ’82nd Grandmaster of India’?

Ans. Vippula Praneeth |

  1. Recently NCB has seized 2500kg drugs off the coast of which state –

Ans. Kerala |

  1. Recently, where has the meeting of the ‘Four Day Working Group’ been started?

Ans. Odisha |

  1. Which city has recently become the first Indian city to track the progress of education towards the Sustainable Development Goals?

Ans. Bhopal |

  1. Which bank has recently launched electronic bank guarantee on its digital platform?


  1. Who was recently appointed as the new Director of ‘CBI’?

Ans. Praveen Sood |

  1. Recently the bilateral exercise Samudra Shakti-23 has taken place between India and which country?

Ans. Indonesia |

  1. Recently which country has reported the first death from polio in 2023?

Ans. Afghanistan |

  1. Who has recently become the second person to conquer Everest for the 26th time?

Ans. Context Dawa Sherfa |

  1. Recently Pramod Bhagat has won which medal in ‘Thailand Para Badminton International’?

Ans. Gold Medal|

  1. Recently endangered seals were seen for the first time on the beach of which country?

Ans. Israel |

  1. Who has recently launched the mobile application “Meri Life” –

Ans. Bhupendra Yadav | Join Telegram Group Click Here

  1. Recently in which lake alligator gar fish has been found –

Ans. Dal Lake |

  1. Who has recently won the Lo-Liga title for the first time since 2019 –

Ans. Barcelona |

  1. What is that thing that girls do not give without taking money?

Ans – The shoes of the groom which she hides in marriage.

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IAS Interview GK 17 May

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