IAS Interview GK 16 May Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK 16 May
IAS Interview GK 16 May

IAS Interview GK Quiz Daily –

IAS Interview GK 16 May As you all know that nowadays questions of current affairs are definitely asked in any exam and only one liner questions are asked in all the exams i.e. multiple choice objective type questions are mostly asked and whether Be it any type of exam, questions of current affairs are definitely asked in it, nowadays in big exams like UPSC exams, some GK unique questions like this are asked.

Which are not in everyone’s mind, let us tell you that on our website you get a post like this every day where you get to see the questions of current affairs as well as some such GK questions which you have tried till date. You must not have heard that these types of questions are asked in big exams nowadays, so keep visiting our website daily, you will get to see these types of questions here.

IAS Interview GK 16 May –

Q. Which is the bird that dies as soon as it is touched?

Ans – The answer to this question has been given in the last question, see there.

  1. Recently Union Minister Narendra Singh Tamor has presided over the meeting of Agriculture Ministers of SCO –

Ans. New Delhi |

  1. Recently IBM and who has collaborated to convert satellite data into high resolution maps using AI?

Ans. NASA |

  1. Recently who will roll out its Generative Eye Chat Vote “Ward” in over 180 countries including India –

Ans. Google |

  1. Recently the Chief Minister of which state has launched “Geeta Karmikula” insurance scheme –

Ans. Telangana | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. Recently Grand Bradburn has become the head coach of which country’s cricket team?

Ans. Pakistan |

  1. Recently India has also hosted the Physical Irrigation Cooperation Organization Startup Forum for the first time –

Ans. New Delhi |

  1. Who was recently appointed as the US envoy for women’s issues?

Ans. Geeta Rao Gupta |

  1. Recently UK has given long range cruise missiles to which country?

Ans. Ukraine |

  1. Recently which has become the world’s most punctual airport?

Ans. GMR Hyderabad |

  1. Recently who has become the first spinner in the world to take 550 wickets in T20 cricket?

Ans. Rashid Khan |

  1. Recently Indian pair Divya TS and Sarabjot Singh won which medal in ISSF Shot Gun World Cup?

Ans. Gold Medal |

  1. Recently, how many countries will get benefit in Saudi Arabia’s new e-visa system?

Ans. 7

  1. Who has recently launched e-filing 2.0 and e-Seva Kendra?

Ans. DY Chandrachud | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. Recently, how many countries have been launched by RBI to deal with unclaimed deposits?

Ans. 100

  1. Recently who has planned to launch the first commercial space station in 2025 –

Ans. SpaceX.

  1. Which bird is such that it dies as soon as you touch it?

Ans – Titoni bird.

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IAS Interview GK 16 May

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