IAS Interesting GK 5 May Current Affairs

IAS Interesting GK 5 May
IAS Interesting GK 5 May

IAS Interesting GK Hindi –

IAS Interesting GK 5 May As you all know that no matter what the exam is nowadays, nowadays most of the current affairs questions are asked online, and in current affairs questions, some such GK questions are asked which are of interest to everyone. If you are not in the bus, let us tell you that if you also want to plan current affairs in Patna and get success in your examination, you can visit our website daily, here you will get current as well as some special types of questions. If you get to see, you have not heard till date, by reading this type of post, you can achieve success in the examination.

IAS Interesting GK 5 May –

  1. Who is the largest recipient of ADB loan in Asia?

Answer – Pakistan

  1. Who was recently appointed as the new President of the World Bank?

Answer – Ajay Banga

  1. Which port is in Iran but India is the builder?

Ans – Chabaghar port.

  1. Recently “Future of Jobs Report 2023” was released by whom?

Ans – World Economic Forum. Click Join Telegram Group

  1. What is the rank of India in Human Development Index 2023 released by UNDP?

Ans – 132nd place.

  1. On which date World Press Freedom Day is celebrated every year in the world?

Ans – On 3rd May.

  1. How many World Heritage sites have been declared recently in our India?

Answer – 40

  1. Right to Education Act was made under which constitutional amendment?

Answer – 21A

  1. Where is India’s first undersea twin tunnel being constructed?

Ans – By Mumbai.

  1. At which place the girl’s hair is curly?

Ans – In the state of the country of Africa.

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IAS Interesting GK 5 May

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