TRAI New Rule 2023: Now 12 digit phone number, call and message closed spam

TRAI New Rule 2023
TRAI New Rule 2023

From May 5, 2023, the new system in the mobile operating system will be implemented across the country –

TRAI New Rule 2023 Friends, as you all will know that as soon as May 1 starts, many rules are changed across the country under the new financial year, but in today’s article you will be told Click Join Telegram Group That for the first time, new rules are being implemented by DRY in the mobile operating system across the country, under which two major changes will be made in your mobile operating system.

Whose complete information is necessary for you to keep, yes friends, you have heard absolutely right, by the authorization service of mobile i.e. TRAI, the anti-spam filter across the country and the new 12 digit digital mobile number has been started on May 1. Is going to do it, under which people will get many benefits, whose complete details are being given below in this article.

Anti-spam filter will be implemented from May 5, mobile service will be fixed

Hello friends, as you all would know that antispam filter has already been announced by TRAI but you are going to implement this service from May 1, 2023. Click Join Telegram Group On this, we will not receive any type of throw type call on your mobile, as well as any type of message related to this love will not come on your mobile at all.

Yes friends, you heard it right, under the new rules of TRAI, many customers are troubled by the different types of spam calls coming from the SIM operator of the mobile. Antispam fitter has been implemented by TRAI for them. Means no call or message involving fraud will come today or friends, this will protect your accounts as well as the data saved in your mobile will also be protected.

Now the mobile number will be of 12 digits.

Friends, you must have already heard this, but from May 1, 2023, TRAI is going to issue a new rule, under which now a 12-digit mobile number has been issued for any type of marketing call through the operating system. Will go or friend and TRAI has given a new order to all mobile companies, under which now mobile numbers used to be of 10 digits earlier.

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Which has been increased to 12 digits, apart from this, its country code will be set separately, like this your mobile number will increase to 14 digits, if the country code is removed then your mobile Click Join Telegram Group The number will be identified by 12 digits, which will facilitate the marketing course and customers can also be identified easily.

TRAI New Rule 2023 will now be a 12 digit mobile number –

Hello friends, as you may know, Telecom Authority of India Corporation i.e. TRAI has recently implemented 2 new rules under mobile operating service, in which the first rule is antisperm filter, while under the second rule, mobile number now has 12 digits for marketing calls. Will be done, if you people want this complete information in detail, then you can go to the official website of TRAI. Click Join Whatsapp Group

You can download its guidelines and find out there that it is mandatory to have a 12 digit mobile number, what is a marketing call, and how can you apply anti-spam filters, and what will be the benefits of all this. The information has been made available to you on the official website of TRAI. Click Join Whatsapp Group

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TRAI New Rule 2023

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