IAS Interview GK 2 May Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK 2 May
IAS Interview GK 2 May

IAS Interview GK Dose Hindi –

IAS Interview GK 2 May Irrespective of any type of exam, nowadays in every exam, questions of current affairs definitely want something, let us tell you that to read the questions of current affairs daily and read some unique and different types of GK questions along with it. You can visit our website daily for this, you will get to see some such type of questions on our website daily.

IAS Interview GK 2 May –

  1. When was “Ayushman Bharat Diwas” celebrated recently?

Ans. April 30 |

  1. Which IIT has recently launched ‘Cyber ​​Security Skills’?

Ans. IIT Kanpur |

  1. Recently India has signed ‘New Work Plan on Quality Infrastructure’ with which country?

Ans. Germany | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. Who has recently become the first Indian to complete the ‘Prestigious Golden Globe Race’?

Ans. Abhilash Tommy |

  1. Who has recently received ‘IIA’s Meritorious Service Award 2030’?

Ans. Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali |

  1. Who has recently launched the Handloom Handicraft Portal to make artisans and weavers self-reliant?

Ans. Piyush Goyal |

  1. How many medical device parks will be established recently under the ‘National Medical Device Policy’?

Ans. 4

  1. Which state has recently received the ‘HUDCO Award for Cleanliness’?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh | Click Join Telegram Group

  1. Recently how many ‘FM transmitters’ were inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi to promote ‘FM connectivity’?

Ans. 91

  1. Recently Prime Minister Modi inaugurated “NAMO Medical Education and Research Institute” at –

Ans. Silvassa |

  1. Who was recently appointed as the “MD & CHO of City Union Bank” by RBI?

Ans. N Kamakodi |

  1. Who has recently released the new book ‘Reflection’?

Ans. Nirmala Sitharaman |

  1. Recently, where has the ‘First Bench Commission of Women Officers in Artillery Regiment’ been done?

Ans. Chennai |

  1. Who has recently released the book “Promoting Millets in Diet Best Practices Across the State/UT of India”?

Ans. NITI Aayog |

  1. Recently the Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of how many nursing colleges in the country?


  1. What is the thing that even sunlight cannot dry?

Ans – Even sunlight cannot dry the sweat.

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