Old Pension Scheme: OPS will be implemented in Rajasthan in 2023

Old Pension Scheme
Old Pension Scheme

The state government will withdraw the decision on OPS before the elections.

Old Pension Scheme Friends, welcome all the employees on our website, as you have heard, you have heard absolutely right, Jiya friends, Chief Minister of Rajasthan Government Mr. Ashok Gehlot has joined OPS i.e. Old Telegram Group, Click Pension Scheme without election issue It was announced in the budget of 2022, due to which the future of about 5.30 lakh employees of Rajasthan has been secured and along with that all of them have joined the Congress of the state government, they seem more happy with this government but by the central government A hurdle has been imposed on this money, which is going to be discussed in this entire article today.

When will OPS old pension be applicable 2023 –

Hello friends, as you all would know that the Old Pension Scheme was created to secure the future of the employees, but it was implemented in 2004 by the BJP government under the then Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Click Join Telegram Group This scheme was discontinued by Vajpayee and the New Pension Scheme was implemented in its place, in which many hits were told to the employees, but as the employees are now retiring.

And they are getting nominal pension under NPS, due to which there is complete fury in the working class and all the employees gathered and demanded to re-implement the old pension scheme, in view of which Rajasthan State Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot announced on 1st April From 2022, the Old Pension Scheme has been re-implemented for all the employees of the Rajasthan Government.

Big decision on Old Pension Scheme 2023 –

And by issuing an order on May 19, 2023, he also took out an order that the employees will be returning the money deducted from their contribution to NPS to the state government. All Old Pension Scheme with interest will be implemented, but you will know that The central government has clearly refused to give back the amount deposited in NPS, he said that the employees may have the right on this amount but the state government has no right at all.

He cannot show this amount in his states, so let us tell you that a committee has been formed by the Government of Rajasthan to solve this matter, whose decision will come like this, click Join Telegram Group that The Rajasthan government is about to withdraw its order and will call the amount deposited in the NPS of the employees and re-deposit this amount in their GPF account 2004 so that the Rajasthan government can give old pension to the state employees under the old pension scheme.


Hello friends, as you all will know that before 2004, the old pension scheme was given to the employees of the central and state government, under which the pension was guaranteed after retirement, that is, they got pension equal to the basic pension and dearness allowance on top of that. Used to be done but in 2004 the old pension scheme was closed by the BJP government by saying that.

Implemented new pension scheme for employees that this pension scheme will be better than old pension scheme and under NPS their money was invested in three types of share market whose profit and loss both will be of employees Click Join Telegram Group Its result has started coming from May 2021, under which the employees are getting only nominal pension, due to which there is anger among the employees.

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Now the Central Government has also formed a new committee for the Old Pension Scheme –

Hello friends, on the lines of the way the Rajasthan government implemented the old pension scheme, the old pension scheme has been implemented in many states which are ruled by the Congress, but the central government and the BJP-ruled states have so far accepted it. He has not gone to oppose it and is not even returning the amount deposited in NPS of the employees.

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This has become an election issue between the central government and the state government, the first demand is that the office of the employees has been created, for this there is anger among the employees, now the central government has also got a shock. office denied or denied Click Join Telegram Group If voted, there will be no vote by the employees and no vote will be received from their family members as well.

Regarding this, now the Central Government has constituted a committee to provide some different facilities in NPS as compared to old pension and to provide guaranteed pension in NPS, the result of which is going to come by December, under which if the Central Government If the old pension does not apply, then the dispute within the NPS is going to bring a scheme to give guaranteed pension.

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Old Pension Scheme

Old Pension Scheme FAQs –

When will the Old Pension Scheme be implemented in Rajasthan?

Old Pension Scheme is going to be implemented soon.

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