IAS Interview GK Dose 3, What increases the age of boys and girls after the age of 18?

IAS Interview GK Dose 3
IAS Interview GK Dose 3

IAS Interview GK Dose –

IAS Interview GK Dose 3, As you all know that nowadays some such type of questions are asked in any exam which is not in everyone’s capability because nowadays in whatever exam there is an interview, in that exam Questions are never asked from the syllabus, nor are questions asked from any book, there are such questions and answers which you have never heard. Click Join Telegram Group

Have you ever seen or say that there are questions with double meaning in these questions? If we will talk about some such questions on you, you have never heard or seen anywhere till date.

Now-a-days unique questions are asked in big examinations –

Because nowadays these types of questions and answers are kept mainly in big exams like UPSC and these types of questions are also asked in interviews and other exams also, in big exams like IAS and IPS these types of questions and answers are there which You have to use more practical knowledge in the interview, where your bookish knowledge will not work because the questions and answers in the syllabus of the book are not useful in your interview there.

Some such questions are asked in the interview, which you have to answer by connecting with your normal life, the person who answers these questions easily, passes such a big exam and the one who is unable to answer such questions. Big Click Join Telegram Group If you can never pass in the examinations, then today we are going to talk about some such questions, let’s see what kind of questions are asked.

IAS Interview GK Dose 3 –

Question – Which animal’s milk is sold the most expensive? Click Join Telegram Group

Answer – Let us tell you that when the interview of IPS IAS was going on, at that time the candidate was asked this type of question that the milk of which animal is sold the most expensive. Now you can understand how thoughtfully this answer has to be given there. Because animals like cow, buffalo, goat, sheep etc. come among the pets, if he takes this name, he would have failed in this test, but let us tell you that “the milk of a lioness is the most expensive milk” The answer is the milk of a lioness, which is how you have to think and answer there.

Question – Which is the bird that always keeps changing its colour?

Answer – You might have seen this question for the first time according to me, because such personals are not seen nowadays, only in the interviews of big exams, such questions are asked, which everyone has neither heard, seen nor seen like this. You might have heard the name of the bird too, so the correct answer is “Kamolia bird” which changes its color daily.

Question – Once a candidate was asked such a question that he might have heard this question for the first time and now you might be finding this question easy but at that time when the person was asked he might have heard it for the first time and this question was That “which tree gives maximum amount of oxygen”?

Answer – Let me tell you that right now you must be finding this question very easy because for the first time when that candidate was asked, his mind was also confused, but now this question has become very easy, the correct answer is “from the Peepal tree”. Maximum oxygen is available, so Peepal is also considered good from a religious point of view.

Question – Which animal can eat even iron nails? When these types of questions arise, the candidates themselves start thinking what to answer? You must have seen this question here for the first time. Let’s see the answer too?

Answer – The correct answer to this question is crocodile is such an animal that it can eat even iron nails, so you must have heard this question for the first time. If you have heard this question before today, then definitely write in the comment. Click Join Telegram Group

Question – Which is the animal that cries like children when injured? This type of question is quite easy but if you have ever heard then if you have not heard then this question is also hyde?

Answer – Let us tell you that the correct answer to this question is “Bear is that animal which cries like children after getting injured” just like small children cry, in the same way it also has a voice.

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Question – Now our last question of the day is that which you must have seen on the post, we will talk here which part of the body of a girl or boy becomes bigger after the age of 18?

Answer – The correct answer to this last question of ours today is that hands and feet and beard and mustache of boys grow and there is a lot of change in the body parts of girls and this is absolutely correct from the point of view of science.

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