IAS Interview GK Series, Which work is done only at night?

IAS Interview GK Series
IAS Interview GK Series

IAS Interview GK Interesting –

IAS Interview GK Series As you all know that an exam like UPSC is a very tough exam and clearing the toughest exam of our country UPSC is not in everyone’s capability because Click Join Telegram Group In this type of exam, a person should have so much knowledge that he can run the whole country, the whole state, the whole district, because after giving an exam like UPSC, a person can become the collector of 1 district, can become SDM.

For this reason, it is necessary for him to have the knowledge of the entire district, only bookish knowledge is not useful there, but there it is necessary to have the knowledge that you have about whatever incident happens in your life related to your life. Often questions are not asked from books in examinations, here you are asked questions related to your life and by adding on your own, who is the examiner asking questions.

IAS Interview GK Series –

Examiner is free to ask anything –

He sits in front and asks such questions by adding them to himself or the Prime Minister of the country, the President of the country, etc. who are big people, such questions are asked which cannot be answered by everyone and if these questions are answered. If someone gives the answer, then that person becomes successful in exams like IAS.

For this reason, only book knowledge is not useful in an exam like IAS, yes book knowledge is definitely useful and you can use it in the written exam, but in an exam like interview, you have to have your own knowledge. Click Join Telegram Group It is necessary to have information related to life and based on the events that happen on our own. Today we will look at some such questions which are happening on us.

Question – Which is the room which does not have windows and doors?

Answer – After listening to this question, the candidates got into a lot of thinking, but the answer to this question will be unique because room is a room, but it was asked by adding it after someone’s name and the correct answer is mushroom.

Question – If you are running a race and if you leave behind the person who is in second place, then tell where would you be?

Ans – You will also be in second place because the place which was of that person will be yours.

Question – Why does water become wet? Click Join Telegram Group

Answer – Once such a question was asked in the IAS exam that even the listener got scared once and he tried hard to answer and also gave the answer very thoughtfully, you must see the person given here. If the answer comes, then definitely write in the comment. He asked why water gets wet, got the answer that water is in liquid form, that’s why it is called wet, but he did not accept this answer as correct, after that he used the language of science. I replied.

Question – Once, while taking an interview in the IAS exam, the question was asked, “What is such a thing that everyone has, but only a few people can keep it, the rest cannot tolerate it?”

Answer – After thinking a lot and understanding about the answer of this question, the candidate started giving his answer and he said that “Patience” is something that everyone has but not everyone can keep it, if you also have it If you like the question, then definitely share it further.

Question – Once such a question was asked that even after thinking for a long time, he could not answer it, finally the other candidate answered it, that question was asked that which two numbers multiplied together would give 5 answer? Click Join Telegram Group

Answer – The answer to this question is very simple, but once someone asks us, we do not remember the answer quickly, the rest of the answer is very easy, the correct answer is 5×1 = 5 means 5 to 1 On multiplying, its answer will be 5.

Question – Once such a question was asked in the IAS exam that even the listener was shocked. Is the answer to this thought a lot after thinking and after that he answered?

Answer – The correct answer to this question is sleep and death which is not visible coming, it comes to everyone but no one can see it.

Question – Now our last question of the day, we will see the post we have written, which work is done only at night? Click Join Telegram Group

Answer – After seeing this question, you must have got some wrong thoughts in your mind too, but it is not wrong at all, it is very easy and simple, and send the correct answer because it is done without lunch and breakfast in the morning. Dinner is served during the afternoon while dinner is served only at night.

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IAS Interview GK Series

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