IAS Interview GK Dose, what is it that the cow has 4 and the girl has 2?

ias interview gk dose,
ias interview gk dose,

IAS Interesting GK Questions –

IAS Interview GK Dose As you all know that nowadays it has become very difficult to pass all the exams, nowadays it is very difficult to pass any exam in this era of competition, here today we will talk about the exam which is India’s most important exam. There is a big exam whose name is UPSC exam, you know what it means to pass UPSC exam.

Being very intelligent of a person, a student who is perfect not only in bookish knowledge but in everything else can clear the UPSC exam. Today, here we will talk about such questions which are asked in UPSC exam nowadays In big examinations like IAS and IPS, after the written examination, IAS Interview GK Dose interview is taken.

Interview is unique in IAS Exam –

The examiner who is in the interview is free to ask any kind of question, we and no other keyboard can force him to ask such question because he will ask the question as it comes to his mind, so it is not necessary that your IAS Interview GK Dose questions will be asked from the syllabus itself, he can ask questions from anywhere, so not only book knowledge, it is necessary to have practical knowledge, only the candidate who has practical knowledge can clear a big exam like UPSC.

Here if you get the answers of the below questions it means you are capable and eligible to clear any big exam because these type of questions will not be found anywhere in the books and anywhere in any syllabus because it is just practical knowledge Can be told only on the basis of these are double meaning questions which not every person can answer, you must also see these questions once.

IAS Interview GK Dose –

Question – Once a student was asked such a question at the time of IPS exam that he himself got into thinking for 1 hour, that examiner asked the question “What is the form of a woman that everyone can see but her husband. can not see ?” Click Join Telegram Group

Answer – After listening to this question, some wrong thoughts must have come in your mind, but let us tell you that the answer to this question is not wrong at all, give a very easy and simple answer “widow form” which the husband cannot see, the rest can see .

Question – Which is the room which does not have any windows and doors?

Answer – The answer to this question is not too difficult nor is there any data, let us tell you that such a question is asked in a joking mood, the answer to which is very easy, but if every candidate takes it seriously, then its Cannot answer The correct answer to this question is “Mushroom”.

What is the name of the President of India?

Answer – This question means that many times it happens that the candidate answers the hard questions but he does not know the answers to the simple questions, so the answer is the President of India, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu.

Question – Which part of a human being changes every two months?

Answer – The answer to this question is not difficult, but the answerer should also be perfect. The correct answer is eyebrows. Click Join Telegram Group

Question – Which part of the human body never gets old from birth to death?

Answer – Anyone can answer this question like this, but you need to think a little bit, the answer to this question has to be justified by thinking more, nor has any correct answer been found till date, it is believed that the organ of the eye Which never gets old but even today it is big, so the correct answer has not been found yet, if you know, then you must comment.

Question – Which portal was launched in Rajasthan to provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to the youth –

Answer – Royal.

Question – Which state is included in the Aravalli Green Wall project which was launched by Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav –

Answer – Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat. Click Join Telegram Group

Question – In which year Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Rajasthan Dalit, Tribal Enterprise Promotion Scheme was started –

Answer – 2022

Question – When Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Rajasthan Dalit Tribal Enterprise Promotion Scheme was notified in the Industries Department –

Answer – 8 September 2022

Question – Which state has been awarded the Travel and Tourism Annual Conference and Awards 2023 in the categories of fairs, festivals and promotional film tourism?

Answer – Rajasthan. Click Join Telegram Group

Question – What is it that cows have 4 but girls have only 2?.

Answer – After listening to this question good people lost their sweat and got confused but let us tell you that the answer is very easy and the correct answer is “Legs” which means cow has 4 legs but boys and girls have only 2 There are

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