SSC MTS General Science Quiz 2023

SSC MTS General Science Quiz 2023
SSC MTS General Science Quiz 2023

SSC MTS General Science Practice –

SSC MTS Genaral Science Quiz Hindi 2023 In the SSC MTS recruitment exam conducted by the Staff Selection Commission Board, poetry related questions are asked nowadays, let us tell you that science is a subject in which if you have not passed science subject till twelfth If you have, then the subject of your science will not be understood, let us tell you that if you are also looking for questions related to the subject of science, then you will get to see questions related to it on our website.

Daily you will get a post where you will get 15-20 questions on our website which will come in the exam in Science subject, it will be very useful to get success in the exam, let us tell you that SSC MTS and SSC The science subject questions that are asked in the GD exam are uploaded on our website, stay connected with the website continuously.

SSC MTS General Science Quiz 2023 –

  1. Which part of the body is related to rickets?

Ans. bones |

  1. Economists have suggested the term “Hindu growth rate” in –

Ans. Raj Krishna |

  1. How many arteries are there in the umbilical cord?

Ans. two |

  1. Alooyattu is the folk dance of which state?

Ans. Nagaland |

5.—— National Park is located in Ladakh —

Ans. Hemis |

  1. The word chinaman is related to which game?

Ans. Cricket |

  1. When is National Girl Child Day celebrated in India?

Ans. 24 January |

  1. Tapovan Vishnugarh Hydroelectric Project is located in which state?

Ans. Uttarakhand |

  1. Who is credited with the concept of the three laws of planetary motion?

Ans. Johannes Kepler |

  1. There is a branch of biology in which fungi are studied.

Ans. Mycology |

  1. Boral Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state of India?

Ans. Assam |

  1. Where is the headquarter of International Hockey Federation (FIH) located?

Ans. Switzerland |

13.—The rate measures the rising prices of everything except food and energy—

Ans. Core Inflation |

  1. Which metal is used in LED semiconductor technology?

Ans. Gallium |

  1. When is Hindi Diwas celebrated every year?

Ans. September 14 |

  1. Who was the first Vice President of India?

Ans. Sarvepalli Radha Krishna |

  1. When is the statehood day of Tripura celebrated?

Ans. January 21 |

  1. Article 21A of the Constitution of India provides the right to—

Ans. Education |

  1. Anchar lake is located in which state?

Ans. Jammu Kashmir |

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SSC MTS General Science Quiz 2023
  1. Which ruler is called “Napoleon of India”-
  2. Ans. Samudragupta |

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