IAS Interesting GK Questions 2023, Unique questions asked in IAS Exam

IAS Interesting GK Questions 2023
IAS Interesting GK Questions 2023

Some interesting questions of IAS interview –

IAS Interesting GK Questions 2023 Hello friends, very good news to all the candidates who are still working hard leaving their home and bar for employment, attending coaching, studying day and night, you are working hard for 18 eighteen hours. We wish people a bright future and in today’s article, let us tell you that the country’s biggest service has brought great news for the candidates who are dreaming of jobs in IAS.

IAS, IPS GK Questions Interesting 2023 –

You tell people that the most difficult paper here is of IAS and IPS, after passing the written exam in these exams, you are given the mains exam after the pre exam, even after that you have to give an interview based on which This is your selection, you tell people

That in the interview of IAS, some such mind-boggling questions are asked, such questions are asked every day, so that your mind wanders, no one can answer them in action, today in which article we will tell you about some such questions. I am going to tell which must be read carefully and must write your comment.

IAS Interview Questions – Latest 2023 –

Hello friends, welcome to our website, as you all will know that the first and latest information about all kinds of recruitments and public welfare schemes, from the smallest to the biggest of the state government and the central government, was made available on our website. In today’s article, you will get IAS and IPS

As you are dreaming of a job in big authority services, some interesting questions to be asked in the interview are being told, in which you must also provide your cooperation by commenting, you will tell people about any recruitment process. To download PDF, keep joining our social media groups like YouTube channel and WhatsApp group.

IAS IPS Interview question – how to get it –

Question- Cow gives milk and cock gives eggs, so you people have to tell which is the creature that gives both these?

Answer: Shopkeeper

• Question- A woman was born in 1935 and she died in 1935 and when she was 80 years old how?

Answer – Yes, the year 1935 was going on in the hospital where the woman was born, but the number of the hospital room in which she died was 1935, that is, there was room number 35 in the 19th floor, so she died in 1935, whereas at that time her was 80 years old

• Question- Who is the most fragile in the world and whose speed is the fastest?

answer- brain

• Question – Two trains travel from Jaipur to Jodhpur on the same track at the same speed, one train takes 1 hour 30 minutes while the other 10 takes only 90 minutes. How?

Answer – Because one hour 30 minutes and 90 minutes are the same.

• Question A girl was asked in an IAS interview that what are you wearing under your salwar?

Answer – At first the girl was shocked to hear the question and thought for some time, then after thinking a lot she said that I have worn anklets under the salwar.

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IAS Interesting GK Questions 2023

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