SSC MTS GK Questions in Hindi, SSC MTS GS Important Quiz 2023

SSC MTS GK Questions in Hindi
SSC MTS GK Questions in Hindi

SSC MTS GK Questions Hindi –

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SSC MTS GK Questions in Hindi –

  1. Baghmara Insectivorous Ghatparni Sanctuary is located in which state?

Ans. Meghalaya |

  1. In which year the Planning Commission of India was established?

Ans. 1950

  1. Khetri is famous for whose mines –

Ans. copper |

  1. In which year was the Second Round Table Conference held in London?

Ans. 1931

  1. Who replaced Morarji Desai as the Prime Minister of India in 1979?

Ans. Charan Singh |

  1. Which article of the Indian Constitution mentions that there shall be a Vice President of India?

Ans. in article 63

  1. Mysore palace was the residence of –

Ans. Vodoyars |

  1. Ruia Gold Cup is related to which game?

Ans. Bridge |

  1. Sir William Hutt Curzon Wyllie was assassinated in London by –

Ans. Madan Lal Dhingra |

  1. The elastic wave generated by an impulse like earthquake or explosion is called –

Ans. seismic wave |

  1. Lakshya Sen is related to which sport?

Ans. badminton |

  1. Who is the founder of Homeopathy?

Ans. Samuel Hahnemann |

  1. Which Buddhist site is located in Uttar Pradesh –

Ans. Sarnath |

  1. In which year did Babur establish the Mughal Empire?

Ans. 1526

  1. Which article of the Constitution of India vests the power of the President to declare chapter countries?

Ans. Article 123 |

  1. In which year the Ramon Magsaysay Award was started?

Ans. 1957

  1. Which fielding position in cricket is behind the batsman?

Ans. first slip |

  1. Where is the famous pilgrimage site of Sikhs, Shri Hari Mandir located?

Ans. Amritsar |

  1. viscose fiber…. is obtained from –

Ans. cellulose |

  1. A tributary of Brahmaputra river, which flows through Bhutan is –

Ans. Wang Chu River |

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ssc mts gk questions in hindi

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