New 1000 Rupees Note News: Will new note come now? see

New 1000 Rupees Note News
New 1000 Rupees Note News

Old 1000 Rupees Note News –

New 1000 Rupees Note News As you all know that when demonetisation was done in the old note, at that time the people of the country had to face such a big problem and people stood in queues without eating and drinking for many days. They have changed their currency, once again such news is going viral that these notes will be changed again, what about it.

Real news, you will be given complete information about it in this post, the old notes lying till the last, which were banned from 1000 and 500 notes by the Modi government of India, what was the reason for banning the notes and why then The complete information and all the reasons for which the notes are going to start will be given to you in this post.

Will the old notes start again?

As you know that in 2016 by the Modi government, on 8 November 2016 at 8:00 pm, the Modi government came live and the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi announced that the recently running thousand and 500 notes were closed. That means these notes have been spent, they will be of no use and then they had given time till 31st.

That you can go to the banks to exchange all such notes, thus the people of the country had to face many problems, but the people of the country, while cooperating with the government, had decided to exchange these notes and note ban The main reason for demonetisation was to stop corruption and bring out black money, its decision was taken by the Modi government, once again now news about demonetisation has been going on for a long time, whose real news will be introduced to you.

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There are no notes in the market, there is a shortage –

Let us tell you that new notes ie new currency which has been introduced in the market recently is not available with that currency i.e. if you ask every person they will not get 2000 note because it is 2000 note. The currency is not yet available to everyone, nor are new notes being printed, if we make a guess, then it is being told.

Due to non-availability of new notes, old notes can be started once again, but no information has been shared by the government regarding this, as soon as any news comes, you will be first introduced to that news. Stay on the website, the first information will be provided to you here, you can join our social media group WhatsApp Instagram, you will be provided the first information there.

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Now the old note of 1000 will start again.

People are constantly asking by commenting and calling whether the old 1000 notes will start once again or not. Let us tell you that the government has not yet taken any decision regarding this, but it is being speculated. That the new 2000 notes that have been issued in the market are not yet available much and due to non-availability of big notes

The government may soon decide to withdraw the old note of 1000, let us tell you that the image of the new note of 1000 will come out, its image is given below, either this type of note will be removed or the old note that was running again. Can be started and if enough currency is available with everyone, then there will be no need to withdraw this note, as soon as any news comes, you will be informed first.

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New 1000 Rupees Note News

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