IAS Interview Interesting GK Quiz 5, What are the things that a woman gives only to her husband?

IAS Interview Interesting GK Quiz
IAS Interview Interesting GK Quiz

IAS Interview Interesting GK Quiz –

IAS Interview Interesting GK Quiz You will know that nowadays getting a job and getting a job has become a big demand, every person wants to get a government job these days, but nowadays the more the demand for the job, the more difficult the job becomes. India’s biggest exams are going like UPSC exams in which officers like IAS and IPS are made.

Lakhs of candidates prepare for these exams, but it is not in anyone’s hands to take this job, to get this job, you have to work so hard that you have to forget that when are day and night. Because these exams are not like any normal exams, it takes so much hard work, then you get this job.

Unique questions are asked in exams like IAS –

As you know that in order to get success in this exam i.e. UPSC exam, you have to work day and night, the candidates who prepare for 1/2 year, all those candidates get success in such exam, you will get success here. Click Join Telegram Group Daily one post will be available on this topic from here if you read such questions daily then you will definitely get success.

Question – Where does a woman sweat the least?

Answer – On seeing this question very opposite answers are coming in your mind as to what will be the answer but the answer is quite straight, the part on which sweats the least is on the lips.

Question – Which part of human never gets old?

Answer – Which is the part of human being which does not get old from birth till date, that is “eye”.

Question – Which creature walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon and 3 legs in the evening?

Answer – Probably the answer to this is “Man” who walks on his knees in the first half of his life, on two legs in the afternoon i.e. youth and in the evening i.e. old age with the support of wood, walks on three legs.

Question – What was the real name of Birbal included in Akbar’s Noratna?

Answer – Birbal’s real name was Mahesh Das.

Question – Which metal was first used by man?

Answer – Let us tell you that man had first used copper metal.

Question – Who founded the city of Agra?

Answer – Agra city was founded by Sikandar Lodi.

Question – How does it feel to see half an apple?

Answer – These type of questions are asked nowadays to the candidates preparing for UPSC exam so that their brain and general knowledge can be tested. Answering this question, the candidate said that one half apple looks like the other half apple. Are .

Question – What is such that no one can ever steal?

Answer – The answer to this question is knowledge is such a thing that no one can steal.

Question – What is the thing that a wife can give to everyone but does not give to her husband?

Answer – Seeing this question, you must have got a wrong thought in your mind, tell you that the answer to this question is not like that, tell you that Rakhi is such a thing that the wife does not give it to her husband, she gives it to everyone else.

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IAS Interview Interesting GK Quiz

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