IAS Interview GK Dose Daily 7 April Current Affairs

IAS Interview GK Dose Daily
IAS Interview GK Dose Daily

Daily GK Dose Interesting GK –

IAS Interview GK Dose Daily In all the upcoming exams in which you want to participate, let us tell you that no matter what type of exam you have, these types of questions are uploaded daily on our website, let us tell you that this question is for all the exams. are very useful for

IAS Interview GK Dose Daily –

  1. Basohli painting belongs to which state or union territory which got GI tag recently?

Ans. Jammu Kashmir |

  1. Which Mehndi of Rajasthan has got GI tag?

Ans. Soojat Mehndi |

  1. The ministerial level meeting of the Joint Working Group has been organized between India and which country?

Ans. Netherlands |

  1. According to the India Justice Report 2022, which state has topped the list of states and UTs in access to justice?

Ans. Karnataka |

  1. When is National Maritime Day celebrated?

Ans. April 5 |

  1. Which anniversary of National Maritime Day is being celebrated in India?

Ans. 60th

  1. What is the theme of National Maritime Day 2023 –

Ans. Amrit Kaal in shipping |

  1. China has announced to change the name of 11 places of which state?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh |

  1. When was the Skill India Mission started?

Ans. on 15 July 2015

10.Who has become the 40th President of FICCI Women’s Organization –

Ans. Sundha Shivakumar |

  1. The new Ofek 13 spy satellite was launched in which country?

Ans. Israel |

  1. Who is the author of the book Gandhi Siasat Aur Sampradaya?

Ans. Piyush Babele |

  1. Heclina passed away. She was –

Ans. drag performer |

  1. Who was recently appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Greece?

Ans. Rudendra Tandon |

  1. Where was India’s first drone training conference inaugurated?

Ans. Chennai |

  1. What is it that walks on 4 legs in the morning, on 2 legs in the afternoon and on 3 legs in the evening?

Answer – The correct answer to this question is human because in childhood man walks on 4 legs i.e. 2 hands and 2 legs, in youth he earns by running on 2 legs and in old age comes on 3 legs with the help of wood.

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IAS Interview GK Dose Daily

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