BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News, Result in Level 1 of Bed stopped!

BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News
BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News

BED BSTC Controversy News Today 2023 –

BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News Let us tell you that its struggle has been going on for the last 2 years regarding the B.Ed and BSTC dispute and its High Court and Supreme Court candidates are constantly circling. Let us tell you that B.ed and BTC dispute in Rajasthan Recently, a big decision of the Supreme Court was taken, first the High Court gave its decision and then the Supreme Court has given its decision.

Let us tell you that it has been decided to reserve its decision with the Supreme Court, the final decision has been taken but Click Join Telegram Group Do the decision has not been pronounced and the decision has been secured. The case regarding the dispute between B.ed and BSTC is going on in the Supreme Court and High Court for many times.

BED and Bstc dispute decision from Supreme Court –

Let us tell you that a petition was filed in the High Court regarding the inclusion of B.ed people in level-1, in which the High Court ruled that b.ed people cannot join level-1 if they want to join. If they are, then they have to do a bridge course of 6 months, after that B.Ed people went to the Supreme Court and they Click Join Telegram Group Have filed a petition in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court has also held five consecutive hearings.

And even after that the decision has not been pronounced, the decision has been secured, the decision is going to come soon, but another news is going on from tomorrow, we will talk about it here, let us tell you that big news is coming from Allahabad High Court. And Allahabad High Court has refused to release results in CTET exam 2023 in B.Ed level, there is a lot of resentment about it, you will be given complete information about it here, what decision has been given by Allahabad High Court.

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BED Level 1 Result Withheld –

The results of the recently held Central Teacher Eligibility Test 2023 have been released, but after the result, the candidates are now very angry, let us tell you that in CTET Exam 2022, the level one of the candidates included in B.Ed of 2022 in Ctet by the Allahabad High Court Allahabad High Court has banned the release of result Click Join Telegram Group Karen says that the result of B.Ed degree holders should be released only after the order on the special permission petition filed in the Supreme Court.

BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News
BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News

The High Court says that if the result is released, then this result will be under the order of the Supreme Court, if the Supreme Court does not give the verdict in favor of Bed, then they will not be considered eligible, let us tell you that the High Court will hear this decision now 4 Justice Ashutosh Srivastava will decide this after a week on the petition of Prateek Mishra and others.

Those with BED are not considered eligible in Level 1 –

Let us tell you that after the release of the results of the Central Eligibility Test 2022, as soon as the turn came to issue the certificates, the Allahabad High Court has issued an order to stop the result of B.Ed students in level one in the CTET examination, says the High Court. Get the Supreme Court’s decision done, the result should be released before that B.ed people will not be considered eligible in the level as soon as the Supreme Court gives the decision.

That decision will be final. It was said in the petition that the Rajasthan High Court has considered the National Teachers Council for Education’s notification of June 28, 2018 as canceled. NCTE in Rajasthan had also included Bed degree holders in the primary level of CTET in the notification of June 28. Which was challenged in the Rajasthan High Court. Click Join Telegram Group

BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News
BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News
Now the result of BED students is under the order of the Supreme Court –

The Allahabad High Court has ordered that if the board releases its result, it should issue the result with the condition that the certificate will be subject to the decision of the SLP pending in the Supreme Court in this regard. Those will be done after 4 weeks and as soon as a final decision comes, it will be a final and universal decision, only after that the level one result of B.Ed can be issued.

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BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News

BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News FAQs –

When will the decision of BED BSTC dispute come?

There will be a hearing on this in the High Court after 4 weeks.

What are BED BSTC Vivad 2023 News?

See its full details in the above post.

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