IAS Interview GK Quiz 4, Tell me which thing boys grow but not girls

IAS Interview GK Quiz 4
IAS Interview GK Quiz 4

IAS Interview Interesting GK –

IAS Interview GK Quiz 4 As you know that IAS is an exam which is considered one of the biggest and main exam of the country, candidates spend years preparing for this exam but no one can get this job soon. Maybe the biggest reason for this is the interview IAS Interview GK Quiz 4 to be held in this exam because the written test is easily passed in this exam.

But grandmother is missed in passing the interview, here today we will talk about some such questions which are asked most in the UPSC exam these days and the biggest thing is that not everyone can answer these questions. Because you will not find these questions in any book Click Join Telegram Group These questions are uploaded daily on our website from where you can improve your general knowledge even more.

Only book knowledge does not work in an exam like UPSC –

Let us tell you that IAS Interview GK Quiz 4 if you are also preparing for an exam like UPSC Civil Services, then let us tell you that in this exam your bookish knowledge will be useful only and only in the written exam and everyone in the written exam

Join the telegram group, just pass it, click on it, but when it comes to the interview, then it is known that what is all this, because some such questions are asked in the interview, which you cannot even imagine, today we will talk about this type of Let’s look at the questions.

Question – First of all, we will see some normal questions, let us tell you that in the IAS exam, the Aspirant was asked what are the things which are bought for food but are not eaten?

Answer – You might have seen or heard this question for the first time, so if you know the answer before reading, then you can comment and the answer to this question is “Dish (Plate)” which is bought to eat but not eaten. go . Click to see which thing of a girl does not get wet with water.

Question – What is it that after biting you and we start singing?

Answer – This question may seem strange to you, but the answer is very simple, the answer is “Birthday Cack”. Everyone sings a song after cutting the cake.

Question – Which are the places where 100 people go but only 99 come back?

Answer – You must have heard this question thousands of times, the answer to this is the crematorium.

Question – What is it that has 4 legs, yet it cannot walk?

Answer – The correct answer to this is very easy, click for Telegram group, but you must have found the question unique, but the answer is “Table”.

Question – Which is the room which does not have windows and doors?

Answer – Mushroom is considered to be such a room which does not have any windows or doors.

Question – If you are running a race and if you leave behind the person who is in second place, then tell where would you be?

Answer – You will also be in second place because the place which was of that person will be yours.

Question – A cat has 3 children January, February and March so what is the name of the cat?

Answer – The name of the cat must be Cat, it does not have any name.

Question – 5 men can build a wall in 10 days, then in how many days will 3 men build the same wall?

Answer – You will try to solve this question with mathematical formula but this is not a mathematical question because in this question you will need to apply a little bit of brain when 5 people join that wall join the telegram group already If you have completed it in 10 days, then where will be the need for another man.

So you have seen how the brain is tested by asking questions in today’s examinations and the candidate who has a good mind always passes such a high level exam, let us tell you that such a high level Giving exams is also a greatness in itself, whenever you get a chance, definitely come by giving such exams. Now we will discuss about our today’s question which you have seen on the poster.

Question – As you have read, what are the things that increase in a man but do not increase in a woman or a girl?

Answer – By the way, you must have found this question a bit strange and you must also be wondering why such questions. But this is not such a question, the answer to this question is “beard and moustache” which grows in boys but not in girls.

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IAS Interview GK Quiz 4

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