Mobile History 50 Years, first mobile sold for ₹ 8 lakh, see interesting information

Mobile History 50 Years
Mobile History 50 Years

History of Mobile Phone –

Mobile History 50 Years As you all know that nowadays mobile phone has become such a thing that for every common man or any special person, mobile phone has become the first necessity nowadays because without mobile phone a person is a Mobile phones have become an important part of a person’s life.

Today we will get information about the history of mobile phones here, Mobile History 50 Years, you will be told the complete information about the history of mobile phones, how the first mobile phone was launched and which mobile phone was called before and while making the first call. Complete information about how the conversation took place will be made available to you through this post, read the post till the last.

World’s first mobile call

On this day i.e. on April 3, 1973, the first mobile phone was used and on this day the first call was made. In earlier times, when the use of mobile phones started, then the use of Car Phone started. 36 kg device in the car. And after that you could use one side speaking and one side listening phone and this thing was possible with the help of cellular towers.

Looking at the use of this Car Phone, Martin Cooper, the inventor of Motorola phone, got the idea of ​​making a mobile phone, after that Martin Cooper along with his team started the concept of making mobile in 1972 and it took him a long time to do so. After 3 months of hard work by Cooper and his team, a mobile of 1 kg and 110 grams was prepared. The design of this mobile was made in some strange way.

Who was the first to call –

Let us tell you that Motorola’s mobile was first invented by Martin Cooper and his team and he made the first call to his friend whose name was Joel Angle. The coupon and above said I am calling you from a cell phone and this cell phone is a real cell phone and not a car phone.

After this Motorola’s company started working on it because as soon as Martin Cooper’s friend heard his voice, he got dizzy in his mind, after that the company worked on it for about 10 years and it cost 800 crores and After that this cell phone was invented, in 1983 the first Motorola mobile was launched, the length of that mobile was 10 inches and the weight of the mobile was 900 grams.

After this first phone, the second mobile was also of Motorola –

For your information, let us tell you that Mobile History 50 Years The first mobile phone was also invented by Motorola company and the second mobile which was also expanded by Motorola company and the second mobile phone was much smaller than the side of this first mobile phone and Its share was also very less, after that the evaluation of mobile phones started.

And mobile phones started coming one after the other, the second Motorola company’s mobile phone which was much smaller in size and used to be bigger than that because it took about 7 years for the invention of the second mobile phone and in 1989 this mobile phone was launched. The name of this phone was invented X 9800 Motorola.

Nokia’s phone came in the year 2000 –

Mobile History 50 Years After invention of mobile phone by Motorola company, Nokia company came in the market in the year 2000, Nokia made its entry into the market and after that Nokia spread all over the country because Nokia is a Korean company but in India It became so jealous that everyone started giving priority to Nokia, let us tell you that in the year 2000, when Nokia’s first mobile phone came.

So there was not only calling system in that mobile phone, apart from that, playing games, charging the battery, calculator and many other facilities were also given, seeing which people were surprised because there were talks in the air without wire, seeing this, people used to press their fingers under their teeth. But nowadays the talk of mobile phones has become very common.

The first Android Mobile launched in 2007 –

Let us tell you that in the middle of 7 years, the Nokia 1110 mobile was sold the most and its trend had become very high in India, despite being a Korean company, it started getting the most demand in India, after that the first SIM BSNL. 27 SIM was launched after that let us tell you that the first Android in the world was launched in Mumbai 2007.

Which was going to compete with keypad mobiles like Nokia because it was launched Android mobile with touch screen, after that there were new inventions one after the other and nowadays two new mobiles are invented every week, thus mobile phones How did you like the story of history, do tell in the comments and share this post as much as possible.

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Mobile History 50 Years

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