IAS Interview GK Quiz 3, Which thing of girls does not get wet even with water?

IAS Interview GK Quiz 3

IAS Interview Interesting GK –

IAS Interview GK Quiz 3 As you all know that UPSC exam is such an exam that everyone dreams of passing because passing UPC is like getting selected on a very big post and every person is eligible for selection on this post. Can take because to reach here you have to work very hard, let us tell you that after passing the exam, an interview is also taken for you.

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If a person passes in the IAS Interview GK Quiz 3 interview, then he is considered as UPC clear and clearing UPSC is not a small thing because it is the biggest exam of the whole country and the one who passes it means his mind. Even faster than scientists because in UPSC exam IAS Interview GK Quiz 3 means to pass the interview.

Must have general knowledge to pass UPSC exam –

Apart from bookish knowledge, you also have such knowledge that you can use anywhere in normal life, let us tell you that science does not work in the exam, in this you also need to have practical and general knowledge, if from normal life If there is no related knowledge in your life, then your life is in vain, today we are here with the questions which are asked during the interview in exams like IAS Interview GK Quiz 3.

We will talk about those questions, there you are asked such questions which you would not have even imagined, today we will see some such questions which you probably have not heard before today, if you are getting answers to all these questions. You must comment in the comment box below –

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Q. Here the first question you must have opened on the basis of what you have seen in the above poster, tell you that “What is the thing of a girl that does not get wet even after getting water” the answer to this question is the last. I have given as below image to see from there?

  • The most unique question that was asked for the first time in any UPSC exam and the candidate was also shocked to hear this question, so you can also see which such question it was.

Q. What is the length of the world’s longest pencil?

Answer – 8 feet 3 inches This pencil was first seen in the country of Russia, after that such pencils were also made in many other countries.

  • Another similar question was then asked to another candidate and this question was such that that candidate had never imagined, you too see which such question was –

Q. How many drops are there in one liter of water?

Answer – As you have seen your question, perhaps you must have seen this question for the first time in your life, because someone can ask such a question, it is beyond imagination and the correct answer to this question is “There are 20 thousand drops in 1 liter of water. ”

Now you can also play mind games with your friends by reading similar questions and make your mind even sharper because the mind is sharpened only by exercise.

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  • Now, seeing the question that is going to be told to you, you will also press your finger under your teeth because you are also a part of this question, because in today’s era, internet is such a tool which is used by people from 8 to 60 years old. So let’s see what are such questions –

Q. How much internet do people use in our India in 1 day, so is it a question related to you, let’s see its answer too?

Answer – The correct answer to this question is that in our India people use 10 lakh GB internet in a day.

  • Now let us see the answer to our main question

Q. Our question was that what is the thing of a girl which does not get wet even after getting water?

Answer – After listening to this question, you must be getting dizzy in your mind and some unique answers should also tell you that the shadow is such a thing that it does not get wet even after getting water.

Stay connected with our website to see such unique questions and answers, you will always see these types of questions on our website.

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IAS Interview GK Quiz 3

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