New Currency 2000 Note News

New Currency 2000 Note News

Indian New Currency News Today 2023 –

New Currency 2000 Note News As you all know that the old 500 and 1000 notes were recently discontinued by the Government of India and after that the thousand note was not taken out in place of any note but in its place the new 500 and 2000 Due to the closure of the issued notes, the Indian public had to go to the banks to exchange the notes, they had to face a lot of trouble, after about 4 years of demonetisation, once again there is news that the notes may be closed again from the last few days. Such news is getting viral on social media.

That once again these new notes can be closed because the government repeatedly tries to demonetise the corruption in the country, it will have a direct impact on those who use black money more, because as soon as the demonetisation It happens that all their accumulated black money is curbed. The only objective of the government is to do good to the people of the country and to stop corruption. What is the news about the demonetization of new notes, complete information is being given in this post. .

Will demonetisation happen again?

New Currency 2000 Note News is going viral on the media for the last four-five days about whether demonetisation can be done properly in India once and such news is going on continuously that demonetisation has been announced once again. But let us tell you that any such news that is going on in the market or on social media is not correct at all, no such news has been issued by the government.

Even if there is a note ban, no one will know its news first because when note ban was done in 2016, at that time no one knew that there would be note ban at 8:00 pm by Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi 8: Came live at 00 o’clock and said directly that from today the old notes of 500 and 1000 will be closed, new notes will be implemented in its place, neither was anyone aware before that.

There was no such information on any social media, so do not pay attention to any kind of rumor regarding note ban, whatever news is going on, it is all a rumor, so to get the authentic news, you keep visiting our website continuously as soon as Any news will come, its information will reach you first.

What is the objective of the government with demonetisation?

What is the purpose of the government behind demonetisation, let us tell you that the only purpose of demonetisation is to stop corruption, as you all know that there are many big billionaires who are earning black money. Demonetisation was done because of this benefit to the general public and the farmers in order to stop corruption completely.

And once the farmers and the general public had a lot of trouble because of this, people stood in queues in the banks, but due to demonetisation, they had to go to the bank to exchange their notes, but finally corruption has been curbed to some extent. Demonetisation was done in view of this, there is no news about whether demonetisation will happen again or not, as soon as any news comes, the information will reach you.

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New Currency 2000 Note News

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