IAS Interview GK Quiz 2, Which thing a girl likes to have at night only?

IAS Interview GK Quiz 2

IAS Interview GK Questions –

IAS Interview GK Quiz 2 As you know that nowadays some type of GK questions are asked in exams like IAS, IAS and IPS, which cannot be answered by every person because only bookish knowledge does not work, you have practical knowledge. It is also very important to have knowledge and information related to normal life.

Today we have brought some such type of questions and answers here, seeing which your head will also be dizzy because these types of questions are asked nowadays in IPS IAS Interview GK Quiz 2 IAS Exam which not everyone can pass and if If you had given correct answers to these types of questions in the interview, then you would have got top rank in the entire district and the entire state.

Because you can get, so let us know today what kind of questions and answers are asked in the IAS and IPS exams. are eligible .

Q. Once in an IAS interview, the girl was asked when does a girl take off all her clothes?

Answer – If this type of question comes in front of you, then some different thoughts come in your mind, but let us tell you here that the girl answered this question with so much thought and the answer was beyond your imagination, she said When the girl takes off her clothes, when the clothes are dry, she takes off all the clothes from the wire.

Q. Which is the country which is still considered the poorest?

Answer – The country of Bhutan is considered poor

Q. When Shri Ram went to exile, for how many days did he stay in Lanka?

Answer – Shri Ram stayed in Lanka for 1 month and the war continued.

Q. What are the main reasons for divorce?

Answer – When you hear this question, only one answer comes to your mind that the reason for divorce is fight, but let us tell you that the person who was asked this question did not have thoughts like yours, but he answered The main reason for divorce is marriage, if there will be no marriage then how will divorce happen?

Q. What are the things of a person that never grow?

Answer – The answer to this question may be coming in your mind in a different way, but let us tell you that the correct answer to this question is “Eye”.

Q. A girl was asked in an IPS interview that what are the circles hanging in front of you?

Answer – Any girl gets scared or angry after listening to this question, but that girl answered this question very thoughtfully and said that there is a round locket with my and my husband’s photo hanging in front of me. Are .

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Practical knowledge comes in handy in such exams –

In this way, let us tell you that on passing some kind of big recruitment exam, IAS Interview GK Quiz 2 you are assigned the burden of the whole district or the entire state, in such examinations there is always some kind of rounding when questions are asked. There are questions that not every person can answer, such a person who is not only of bookish knowledge

Rather, a person who has other practical knowledge can answer such questions because there you have to work with your mind and your practical knowledge and not with your bookish knowledge. These types of questions are asked a lot nowadays and thus Only those who answer the questions of IAS and IPS become IAS.

Q. What are the things that grow in men but not in women

Answer – Beard, moustache.

Q. Why does a girl’s pants have a zip?

Answer – Girl’s pants do not have zip because girls buy and wear jeans pants just like boys, that’s why they already have zip.

Q. A girl was asked what is the thing that girls like to take only at night while boys take it anytime?

Answer – Thinking about the answer to this question, some different feeling will be coming in your mind, let us tell you that the girl told that the answer is that sleep is such a thing that the girl takes only at night because she is engaged in household chores throughout the day. While boys can take anytime.

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IAS Interview GK Quiz 2

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