New Currency News 1000 Rupee Note

New Currency News 1000 Rupee Note

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New Currency News 1000 Rupee Note After demonetisation in India, once the people of the country had to face so many problems that you all do not know, let us tell you that when demonetisation was done, people stood in queues and deposited money in banks. The currency kept with him was changed and new currency was picked up. Now let us tell you that once again such news is going viral regarding this.

Whose complete information will be made available to you in this post, the news is going on continuously for four-five days that now the currency is going to be closed again, but let us tell you that the government has not taken any decision regarding the closure of the new currency. As soon as any latest update comes to you, first of all its information will be made available on our website.

Let us tell you that due to the closure of the old currency, once people had to stand in queues in the banks to exchange their notes, now once again the government is going towards a decision regarding the 2000 note and the news is viral on social media. It is happening that this note may be closed again, its complete information and what is the news will be given to you in this post.

2000 notes are not available in the market right now.

As you are continuously reading this news on social media that 2000 notes are going to be closed but no information is being received from the government regarding this, it is absolutely fake news, it is a rumor, let us tell you that according to the Annual Report of RBI According to the current market, 214.20 crore notes of 2000 are in circulation.

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That is, this note which is in circulation in the market, it is 1 point 6 percent note of all the notes available and if we talk about the total amount then the total amount of 2000 note is Rs 4,28,395 crore in the market, how recently 2000 in the market K notes are available in large quantities, so don’t see any such misleading information thinking that if you do not have the notes then these notes will be closed.

Will 1000 note start again?

Let us tell you that the 2000 note, the new note which has just been issued by the government, that note is available with the people in very small numbers, as you have been given complete information under the above RBI data, it means that 2000 notes in the market. So it is available in large numbers but it is not reaching the people that is why people are assuming that the old 1000 note will be reintroduced.

But the old notes cannot be started back, instead of that a new thousand note can be started, whose image is given below, you can see that this type of new note of 1000 is going to start in the market soon. The information will be shared by the government, but at the moment there is no such news regarding note ban, do not see any kind of misleading information, keep subscribing to the website to get the correct news continuously.

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New Currency News 1000 Rupee Note

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