IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023, answer these questions

IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023

Interesting GK Questions –

IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023 Today here we are going to talk about such GK questions which nowadays whether it is UPSC exam or IAS exam, no matter how big the exam is, nowadays these types of questions are asked in the interview that the candidate sitting in front You will get to see such questions here which you have neither heard nor seen anywhere and there are such answers to those questions which you cannot even imagine.

Because IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023 clearing an IAS UPSC is not a small thing, a person who is not just an educated person but also a candidate who has general practical knowledge apart from book knowledge and general life knowledge, that person can clear UPC IAS. If possible, here we are going to talk about such questions, which you have neither heard nor seen anywhere, what are the questions that are asked in every exam these days.

Unique questions asked in IAS interview –

Q. When the interview of IAS 2020 exam was going on, a girl was sitting in front of it and those who were asking questions in front of IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023, the examiner asked the girl that what is the work that a boy does once in his life. Yes but the girl does it daily?

  • Seeing such a question, what thoughts are coming in your mind, you must take us on the net and tell you that no matter how hard you press your mind, you will not be able to find the answer to this question, so what was the answer of that girl. You can also see here.

Ans – That girl answered this question that the boy fills vermilion only once in the demand of the girl while the girl fills it daily in her demand. More are asked.

Q. A girl was asked a question in the interview of IAS IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023 that when does the girl take off all the clothes, at first the girl herself was shocked after hearing this question, but after that she applied a little mind and answered it too, you can also see What is the answer

Answer – Answering this question, the girl said that a girl takes off all the clothes from the wire after drying them in the sun. May your selection also happen.

Q. In another interview, it was asked why a girl’s shirt does not have a pocket, now such a question was asked to a boy, so today we can understand how much mind he must have put, let us tell you the answer too –

Answer – The answer to this question is that the girl’s shirt does not have a pocket because girls often keep purses with them and purses always look good with girls, so girls do not put their shirt pockets or salwar pockets. Puts on.

Q. Once a boy was asked that when you go home from work in the evening and you come to know that your wife is having an affair with someone else, what will you do about this matter?

Answer – Now you can understand that when such a question is asked then the thought of fighting directly comes in your mind but that IAS officer gave such an answer that even the examiner sitting there started praising him. According to the provisions applicable under Section 497, I will file a case of respect and will go till the completion of the case.

Q. See another unique question, it was asked in an exam that what is such a thing that a woman walks by showing and a man walks by hiding?

Answer – Hearing this question, the listener’s mind wandered, but he thought for a long time and finally he also got the answer. He walks in secret.

Q. Which is the human part that changes its shape or size every 2 months?

Answer – The correct answer to this question is that your uppermost eyebrow i.e. the eyebrow, this eyebrow changes its form every 2 months.

Q. Let us tell you that once in the exam of SDM IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023, a question was asked from a boy that you are the SDM of your district and you came to know that there is a lot of fighting between two real brothers over the land. What action will you take regarding this?

Answer – In response to this question, the boy said that first of all I will not go to his house to investigate the matter, first I will find out from the people around that which brother is quarrelsome, which brother is good and what is the reason for the quarrel. and about whom the quarrel has started, after that I will inform the police stationed in that area and then take a decision.

Q. What is it that writes but not a pen, ticks but not a clock, and walks but not a leg?

Answer – The correct answer to this question is Typewriter A typewriter writes but does not have a pen, it moves and ticks too.

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IAS Interview GK Quiz 2023

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