Reet Main Level 2 Bonus Marks Cutoff, Check From Here

Reet Mains Level 2 Bonus Marks Cutoff
Reet Mains Level 2 Bonus Marks Cutoff

REET Main Level 2 Exam –

Reet Main Level 2 Bonus Marks Cutoff Reet Main Exam Level 2 For all the candidates who want to get information about bonus marks, tell them that in which questions you will get bonus in Social Science, you will be given information about it in this post as well as All those questions will also be told from where you are likely to get bonus.

And secondly, to get bonus for these questions, from where you can file an objection on these, its information will be made available on this post. Let us tell you that there are many such questions in Level 2 SST which are doubtful questions and bonus is given on them. There is every possibility of getting it, here you will be given important information about all these questions, you will be given information about how many marks will be selected in the SST subject.

Reet Main Level 2 Bonus Questions –

Let friends know here that candidates are continuously searching for which questions in Reet Level to SST subject they will get bonus, tell everyone that there are about 8 or 10 questions in level 2 social science subject, in which bonus will be given. There is a possibility but it is being heard that for the first time the Third Grade Teacher Recruitment Examination was organized by the Staff Selection Board, not everyone will know that the Staff Selection Board gives less to speak.

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While most are deleted, you will know that recently the Librarian Third Grade Recruitment Examination was conducted, in that examination the Doubtful Questions by the Staff Selection Board were deleted by not giving bonus to all those questions and cutoff on the remaining questions. If this happens, then the cutoff will be taken out on the basis of about 290 marks, you will also be told all the bonus choices here and the cutoff of SST will also be told.

Reet Mains Level 2 SST Doubtful Questions –

Q. Is there an alternative way to calculate GDP based on demand for products?

A. Income method

B. Value Added Method

C. product method

D. Expenditure method

Q. Where are the Bilara limestone fields not located?

a. Shri Ganga Nagar

B. Jodhpur

S. Nagaur

The. Bikaner

Q. In 2022, the place to get first place in Human Development Index in India was?





Q. In which particular field is Khamsin Pawan known as ‘Doctor Pawan’?

A. Khambhat’s steep

B. Guinea Coastal Regions

C.Peru region

D. Chilean Coastal region

Q. Which of the following is not the work of Agricultural Marketing Board?

A. Determining the price of agricultural products

B. Setting up a marketing strategy

C. Development in Mandi area

D. Training of farmers

Q. In how much time does the Moon complete one round of the Earth?

A.27.5 days

B.27 days

C.29.5 days

D.29 days

Q. Who got the Eklingji temple constructed in Mewar in the 18th century?

A.Bappa Rawal

B. Maharana Raimal

C. Maharana Mokal

D. Maharana Kumbha

Q. Why did Paheli go many times in Rajasthani folk?

A. horizontal

B. Tapukda

C. thing

D. Gingarath

Q. Lathi area, are related to?

A. Lignite belt

B. aquifer

C. gypsum plaster

D. petroleum sector

Q. Chandanwala Ras Kavyarup Ri Dith Sun Keen Bhaant Ro Kavya?

A. free verse

B. block poetry

C. Epic

D. mixed poetry

Change in Cutoff after Reet Main Level 2 Answer Key –

After the release of the answer key of REET main exam, now the candidates are waiting for its final answer key and cut off. Let us tell you that after the release of the answer key, there has been a big change in the cutoff and those who were getting 100 marks now He is not even getting 80 marks, for this you will be given complete information about the cuts here.

Let us tell you that there is a difference of 10 marks in the cut-off which was being told almost earlier in the cut-off and now there is a difference of 10 marks in the cut-off and when the final answer key will be released, there will be more changes in it, so any student is desperate. No, don’t be disappointed because when the final cutoff will come then only you can meet it, before that no one can say anything. You are being told the cutoff in the table below, definitely follow it according to which you should consider the cutoff.

After Reet Main Level 2 SST Cutoff Answer Key –

Categories Merit after Answer Key
General 102 Q
OBC 99 Q
ews 97 Q
mbc 94 Q
SC 88 Q
ST 84 Q
Level 2 Social Cutoff

Reet Main Level 2 English Cutoff After Answer Key –

Categories Merit after answer key
General 92 Q
OBC 88 Q
ews 86 Q
mbc 82 Q
SC 76 Q
ST 74 Q
level 2 english cutoff

Reet Mains Level 2 Hindi Cutoff –

Categories Merit after Answer Key
General 108+Q
OBC 106+Q
ews 103+Q
mbc 100+ Q
SC 96+Q
ST 94+Q
Cutoff of Level 2 Hindi

Reet Mains Level 2 Science Maths Cutoff –

Categories Merit after Answer Key
General 93+ Q
OBC 89+ Q
ews 84+ Q
mbc 78+ Q
SC 73+Q
ST 70+ Q
Level 2 Maths Science Cutoff

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Reet Mains Level 2 Bonus Marks Cutoff

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