Reet Mains Bonus Marks 2023, these questions will get bonus

Reet Mains Bonus Marks 2023
Reet Mains Bonus Marks 2023

Rajasthan 3rd Grade Exam 2023 –

Reet Mains Bonus Marks 2023 Reet exam was successfully conducted in Rajasthan from 25 February to 1 March and now all the candidates are waiting for the official website of this exam, before that let us tell you that there are some coaching institutes whose The cutoff of this exam is being told very exaggeratedly whereas all this is not going to happen.

Since the completion of the 3rd Grade Recruitment Examination in Rajasthan, the candidates are worried and confused about the cutoff but let everyone know that the cutoff which is being told by the coaching institutes is not going to go so much because in both the levels There are many such questions which can be deleted, you will be told the deleted questions here.

Reet Main Exam 2023 Doubtful Questions –

There are many such questions in REET Main which will be deleted or bonus will be given, here you will be told which questions will get bonus and which questions will be deleted, as you know that in most of the examinations by the RSMSSB board, the questions are deleted. Because the cutoff remains high by giving bonus, that’s why bonus is given only on those questions which are left after deleting the questions.

In Rajasthan REET Main Exam 2023, there are some such questions on which bonus will be given and there are some such questions which will also be deleted, which are the questions in both the levels which will be found in bonus and will also be deleted, you will get complete information about this in this post. I will be given at least in such 10 or 15 days there is a possibility of getting bonus and can also be deleted if bonus is given then it remains more due to which humans are deleted and those who have questions behind cutoff is made.

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Reet Main Level 2 Doubt Questions –

Q. Although the science teacher does not explain any topic directly, yet in inquiry approach the teacher has to play a major role.

A. guide and instructor

B. motivator and facilitator

C. Motivator and Instructor

D. facilitator and guide

Q. Which such situation affects human life?

A. Agriculture

B. political system

C. religious places

D. vegetation

Q. Which paper sticks behind the fenal board?

A. blotting paper

B. sand paper

C. lining paper

D. archival paper

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Q. When Excel file is inserted in word document….?

A. Hyper linked

B. linked

C. a word table


Q. Which sports players have been honored with Padma Shri?



C. Shooting

D. sailing

Q. What kind of poetry is ‘Bisaldev Raso’?

A. devotional poetry

B. heroic poetry

C. love poetry

D. Prakriti Bhava

Q. Which is used in the reductive process?





Q. How is the examination of essay questions done by the examiner?

A. Rating method

B. point method

C. percentage method

D. Grading method

Q. Who is credited with popularizing the search approach?

A. HE Armstrong

B. Jerome Bruner

C. Jean Piaget

D. Thorndike

Level 2 Doubt Questions –

There are some other questions which will be deleted by the board because the Staff Selection Board deletes the questions in almost every exam and does not give bonus on them, so if the questions are less then the remaining questions will be given merit only. Will be made to tell you more that in level 2 also about 5/6 questions in every subject where there is full possibility of getting deleted towards getting bonus, you can see all those questions on our website by clicking on the link given below.

Reet Main Official Answer Key 2023 –

According to the information received from the board about when the official answer key of Reet Main Exam will come, the answer key will be released by the evening of March 14. You can download this answer key by clicking on the link given here and match your answers. And you also have to tell how many questions you got right.

Reet Mains Bonus Marks 2023 – Important Links –
post name Reet Mains Bonus Marks 2023
total bonus questions 15++
who will get the bonus in both levels
Reet Main Group join here
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Reet Mains Bonus Marks 2023


How many marks bonus will be available in Reet Main Exam 2023?

Around 7/8 questions in Reet Main can be bonus.

When will the Reet Main Exam Official Answer Key 2023 come?

REET Main Exam official answer key will be released today.

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