IAS Interesting GK: It was asked when the girl takes off all the clothes? View Unique Questions 2023

ias interesting gk

IAS Interesting GK –

IAS Interesting GK As you know that when the interview is taken in the UPSC exam i.e. there is an interview, some unique types of questions are asked there, you have to answer these types of questions thoughtfully and almost only 4 Or 5 minutes are given, in this time you have to answer that question thoughtfully and correctly. Here you will be told some such questions which are in UPSC nowadays.

IAS, SDM, from whom these types of questions are asked in the interview for recruitment to big posts, if you are also preparing for this type of recruitment, then today’s post will be very beneficial for you, because here we are going to answer the questions asked in the interview. Will talk about some unique facts and at the same time such questions which are being asked continuously for a long time, which have been causing your headache, you will see all those questions here.

How questions are asked in IAS Interview –

Let us tell you that nowadays there is no such exam in which questions are asked from the syllabus, especially in the recruitment exam where the interview is held, questions are asked according to your mind, you do not have to read any syllabus there without After reading the syllabus, questions are asked about your personal life and you have to answer them very thoughtfully, as if an IAS officer asked if I should run away with your sister.

How will you feel or how will you react to it, then you have to answer such questions very thoughtfully there and while maintaining your patience, if you lose your patience there, then you can lose your job as well. That’s why you have to be patient there, how and what type of questions are asked, some questions are given below, you must see.

IAS Interesting GK –

  1. If you were running a race and you overtook the person who was in second place, where would you be now?

Ans.You will be at the second position.

  1. A man was born in 1935 and died in 1935 itself but how was his age at the time of 70 years –

Ans. The man was born in 1935 and the room number of the hospital where he died was 1935 (room number 35 on the 19th floor) and he was 70 years old at that time.

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  1. What is the thing that dies after drinking water?

Ans. Thirst

  1. What is that thing which does not get wet even after falling of water?

Ans. your shadow

  1. Which English word is always read wrong?

Ans. Wrong.

  1. Two houses are on fire, one is poor and the other is rich, so which house will the police douse first?

Ans. When did the police start extinguishing the fire?

  1. When does a girl take off all her clothes?

Ans. When the clothes put on the wire get dry.

8. On which part of the body there is no pain due to injury-

Ans. Hair

  1. How many children can a man give birth to in his entire life time?

Ans. Men don’t give birth to children, women do.

  1. What should be bought for ₹ 5 in such a way that the hunger of the whole village is eradicated?

Ans. In the hunger of one person for ₹ 5, how can I satisfy the hunger of the whole village.

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