IAS Interview GK 2023, Check out the unique questions asked in IAS

IAS Interview GK 2023
IAS Interview GK 2023

IAS Interview GK 2023 –

IAS Interview GK 2023 As you know that nowadays IAS GK Questions are asked such questions that the listener keeps on looking at the questioner because nowadays passing any type of exam is not in everyone’s control. After the UPSC exam, you have to answer some such questions to become an IAS, which you would not have even imagined.

IAS exam is considered to be the biggest exam of the country and let us tell you that to become an IAS, first of all you have to give a big exam first written exam, after giving written exam you get call for interview and some such strange questions in interview. There are answers which boggle your mind.

How questions are asked in IAS Interview –

Nowadays, the mind is very sharp to crack any exam, because not only IAS, but also other exams in which interviews are conducted, it is a big challenge to pass all those exams and even if that exam is to become a teacher. Yes because nowadays the competition has become so much that you cannot even imagine.

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Here we will talk about the questions asked in the interview after the written test in the IAS exam, how such questions are asked in these exams, for which you have to put your mind so much that you get tired of thinking. But you do not know the answers to those questions, let us talk about the GK questions asked in IAS today.

Such a unique question asked in IAS Interview –

Let us tell you that in the recent IAS Interview Exam held in 2022, a girl was asked such a unique question that she turned her mind around but there was no solution and you all know that the interview always takes 5/7 minutes. If you are not able to answer in that time, then you are out of the exam.

Let us tell you that in that interview of IAS, the girl was asked that what is such a thing that we get free twice in life but for the third time we have to buy it by paying money? To answer this question, the girl took 6 minutes to think but she could not answer “Let me tell you that the correct answer to this question is “teeth”.

Other questions asked in IAS Interview –

Q. What is the thing of a woman that all men can see but her husband cannot?

Ans- In response to this question, the woman told that the widow form of a girl or woman cannot be seen by her husband, all other men can see.

Q. In another question a girl was asked what are you wearing under your salwar?

Ans – If you know the answer to this question, then write it in the comment, otherwise you can see the link of the second post given above.

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IAS Interview GK 2023

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